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  1. starry nights
  2. solo shadow on a sidewalk
  3. send me snapchats
  4. PYN for a song
  5. send nudes
  6. i sit on a dick
  7. havent played a game on here
  8. i DONT
  9. should i poop
  10. how to twerk
  11. Valentines TBT
  12. Things they need to put on disney+
  13. why is life with derek
  14. PYN for a song
  15. PYN for a song
  16. PYN for a song
  17. PYN for a song
  18. PYN for a song
  19. PYN for a song
  20. you ever seen project x
  21. i know i should leave
  22. i drank too much
  23. fill in the blank
  24. C A M P F I R E S O N G
  25. EXCUSE ME?!
  26. whats your favorite
  27. I want it?
  28. This message lasts two minutes
  29. This message lasts two minutes
  30. Kiss me and take off your clothes
  31. im home from work bitches
  32. shout out to my ex
  33. okay so i thought i had a sinus infection
  34. Yes im GAY
  35. pour one out to my fallen homie
  36. Ruby is Red Hot!
  37. send nudes
  38. this gave me chills
  39. time can heal
  40. i have to poop

Life can get you down

Aug 13, 2019 by PaulaDeen
so I just numb the way it feels
i drown it with a drink
and out of date prescription pills

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