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  1. One Day More
  2. everyone loves me!!!
  3. im adding lucinda as a friend
  4. i just need you now
  5. anyone else
  6. damn its sad
  7. i just wanna go back
  8. sometimes i miss
  9. Ranking Horror Movie Franchises
  10. how much is gas where you live?
  11. Which is better?
  12. they made a
  13. is it gay
  14. anyone else enjoying
  15. I WANNA
  16. pumpkin spice
  17. The best character from Pretty Little Liars is...
  18. If you've never
  20. i am on the phone with my drunk friend
  21. In Case You Forgot
  22. i have to poop
  23. good night friends
  24. my name is Alaska Thunderfuck
  25. i have to pee
  26. if you hard
  27. Anyone else excited for
  28. hey
  29. Watched Shane Dawson's
  30. You will get a sentimental feeling
  31. Stop laughing after everything you say
  32. been so excited to see the movie Yesterday
  33. whats your favorite country song
  34. favorite song by pink?
  35. favorite song by pink?
  36. just found out peppa pig is a girl
  37. i want a glass of warm milk
  38. i have to poop
  39. you ever dream
  40. hi tengaged

they say im up and coming

Jun 26, 2019 by PaulaDeen
like im fucking in an elevator

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