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  1. well this is how i spent the last 3 hours
  2. I don't associate with
  3. expect the unexpectable
  4. im not horny but my p p hard
  5. I love when a pic of a tree
  6. I'm on the case!
  7. Updated!
  8. Updated!
  9. PYN for a song
  10. i just heard on the radio
  11. jamming
  12. imagine coming into your apartment
  13. relistening to Reputation
  14. pyn
  15. 1375. 1160
  16. alright
  17. you spread your legs
  18. oh my
  19. is Jenn City
  20. Nina Bo Nina Brown Leigh Cameron
  21. awww
  22. Confuse the newer tengagers
  23. im cold
  24. RPDR AS4 Episode 5 Rankings
  26. Mid 90's
  27. just watched a guy
  28. morning wood
  29. concerts i've been too:
  30. lost my v at 22
  31. i know you're lying
  32. you ever brush the hair on your balls
  33. #MeToo!
  34. i love having dreams
  35. you ever think about people
  36. i have to pee
  37. my butthole itches
  38. my whole body tingles
  39. when i get my tax refund back
  40. im seeing panic at the disco


Jan 14, 2019 by PaulaDeen
you wanna post on MY blogs how i look like a frog and need a face lift but you filter me so i can't talk shit about how you can't get your fucking life together philip13 ? youre a little ass bitch. no wonder your mom wanted to kick you out


;( i thought u both were friends before
Sent by adeleadele,Jan 14, 2019
Sent by _Adidas_,Jan 14, 2019
You were literally going homeless 2 months ago so don’t you go telling ME that I need to get my life together.
Sent by Philip13,Jan 14, 2019
Sent by _Adidas_,Jan 14, 2019
Well.... He wasn't wrong :)
Sent by Danger,Jan 14, 2019

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