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  1. me
  2. i dont trust
  3. juicy fruit
  4. i just came ..
  5. what i learned in boating school is
  6. i got laundry the oven
  7. i tried weed
  8. i have to poop
  9. holy shit
  11. gift me the kris jenner outfit
  12. who owes me a gift
  13. thank u, next
  14. thank god
  15. i have to pee
  16. find me on omegle for a gift!
  17. the best time to wear a striped sweater
  18. a cozy little christmas
  19. No title
  20. im feeling dead on the inside
  21. whats your favorite breakfast food?
  22. i miss scoderk
  23. sometimes i wonder when you sleep
  24. i SCREAM your name
  26. why is maturo banned
  27. if i wanna eat
  28. Do certain songs
  29. pyn
  30. Where's the picture?!
  31. This forgotten gem
  32. happy holodays
  33. i sit on a dick
  34. whose your favorite LoL Jungler?
  35. are you ready to jingle your bells?
  36. Just watched Spring Breakers
  37. surprise bitch
  38. when he finds me sniffing his underwear in the..
  39. yo mama so ewww
  40. im writing a short story

my friend called once

Nov 1, 2018 by PaulaDeen
they didnt try to talk him down. they literally sounded annoyed and said "the only thing i can do is send the authorities to you"

if you really are thinking about killing yourself
you should speak to a love one in real life
or contact teh suicide hotline
for them to talk you down
Sent by koolness234,Aug 1, 2018


Yeah they don't do a whole lot
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Nov 1, 2018

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