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  2. my butthole is clenched
  3. if your age age age
  4. anyone on here
  5. what was your childhook nickname?
  6. i just had a load ..
  7. I cant swim?
  8. I'm just gonna leave this here...
  9. Did yall know
  10. is there an incredibles elastigirl design?
  11. me thinking about a certain tgers ass
  12. my fucking balls itch
  15. baby come back!
  16. i sit on a dick
  17. season 2 of 13 reasons why
  19. Because reading is what?
  20. i just wanna take the time to say
  22. whats your favorite christmas memory
  23. dashing through the snow
  24. I'm just gonna leave this here...
  26. add 4 add?
  27. i need friends
  28. the illness was mental retardation
  29. i just sharted
  31. i have to poop
  32. Do people even
  33. my two favorite artists
  34. mmhmm i see you
  35. morning wood
  36. No title
  37. Glad Force Flex
  38. what is your favorite sam smith song
  39. thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III?
  40. i wish i could lick my own asshole

55 Questions

Apr 24, 2018 by PaulaDeen
cant wait to make this a trend tonight

1. Sexual Orientation - Gay
2. What I'm really bad at - Being motivated to be an adult
3. Celebrity I'd fuck - Ed Sheeran
4. Best First Date - Dinner and Driving
5. Description of my self esteem - Rollercoaster
6. Best Friend's Name - Marcus
7. Favorite Book - Hate List
8. Biggest Turn Off - a bad personality?
9. Description of my Best Friend - Dumbass.
10. Favorite Animal - Hairless Cats
11. Someone I miss - bblover96
12. Reason Behind My Last Breakup - Never had a relationship!
13. What I did yesterday - Got jerked off by a guy in a hotel room
14. Greatest Achievement - Graduating High School
15. Description of who I dislike the most - liars.
16. Favorite Song - It honestly changes on my mood. Right now I'd say Hotel Room - Calum Scott
17. How my last kiss went down - Made out after sex?
18. What I find attractive in the preferred sex - Personality
19. Pets - I want a hairless cat
20. Favorite ice cream flavor - pumpkin pie
21. Where I want to be right now - Living in New York City
22. Worst thing someone said to me - To Kill myself
23. Places I've lived: NC, SC
24. I'll love you if... - you are always real with me
25. Future plans - Get myself to be a self sustaining individual
26. An internal conflict I have - Can't get myself motivated enough to work out
27. What I'm doing tomorrow - Working
28. Most embarrassing moment - i'm not gonna say it on here obviously
29. Two insecurities - My double chin and my annoying personality
30. If I won the lottery - I'd get a new car and buy a house
31. Description of my crush - Someone I'm trying to get over!
32. Favorite thing about myself - I'm a nice person
33. Pet Peeves - liars
34. Bands I've seen Live - Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kesha, Ed Sheeran, James Blunt, Purity Ring, Reba McEntire, Brooks and Dunn
35. Do you want kids? How many? - Yes, and idk it depends
36. My idea of a perfect date -Doesn't matter as long as youre with someone you love
37. What I'm really good at - Being nice
38. Most traumatic experience - my grandmother dying
39. Where I'd like to live - New York City
40. Nicest thing said to me - That i'm a nice and good person and they care about me?
41. Do I like where I am now? - Yes and No
42. What can I hear right now - Aquamarine fucking annoying singing
43. Relationship with siblings - Distant but not cold
44. Biggest worry - Being stuck where im at forever
45. Something I'm waiting for - love
46. Relationship with parents - Distant. Somewhat cold?
47. Something I should've said a long time ago - I'm Gay
48. Last text message received - "not much you"
49. Last text message sent - "Damn I dont remember seeing you responded"
50. What I hate most about myself - I can't get motivated enough to work out
51. Biggest turn ons - Personality
52. Words that upset me - ? none really
53. What I'm wearing - Shorts and a t-shirt
54. Last thing I ate - A cheeseburger from sonic
55. Last thing I drank - A cheesecake milkshake from sonic

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