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  2. please gift me toad head
  3. how do you get a gun
  4. No title
  5. ive been on a call for an hour and a half
  6. Gandalf is my bitch
  7. Welcome to the bad girls club
  8. Time out, hold up. Hold up, sweet heart.
  9. in your wildest dreams
  10. I dont have any
  11. rate my avi 1-10
  12. anyone wanna trade nudes
  13. No title
  14. i cant remember to forget you
  15. God is a DJ
  16. gift me the pride background
  17. my loneliness is killing me
  18. dont gift me plz
  19. "ok google"
  20. the finale of OITNB
  21. im bored
  22. You don't realize
  23. what's ed sheerans best song?
  24. if i could stop having nightmares
  25. what's katy perry's best song?
  27. all of you plz add me as a friend <3
  28. ed sheeran's song "The A Team"
  29. I know i asked this the other day
  30. ive never been to
  31. Im gonna pick up the pieces
  32. i met a friend on growlr
  33. Buy Witness on iTunes
  34. we FREAK
  35. did someone say pink avatar?
  36. i miss a tengager
  37. someone let me use their netflix
  38. someone let me use their netflix
  39. when i was in the 3rd grade
  40. Chained to the Rhythm

55 Questions

Apr 24, 2018 by PaulaDeen
cant wait to make this a trend tonight

1. Sexual Orientation - Gay
2. What I'm really bad at - Being motivated to be an adult
3. Celebrity I'd fuck - Ed Sheeran
4. Best First Date - Dinner and Driving
5. Description of my self esteem - Rollercoaster
6. Best Friend's Name - Marcus
7. Favorite Book - Hate List
8. Biggest Turn Off - a bad personality?
9. Description of my Best Friend - Dumbass.
10. Favorite Animal - Hairless Cats
11. Someone I miss - bblover96
12. Reason Behind My Last Breakup - Never had a relationship!
13. What I did yesterday - Got jerked off by a guy in a hotel room
14. Greatest Achievement - Graduating High School
15. Description of who I dislike the most - liars.
16. Favorite Song - It honestly changes on my mood. Right now I'd say Hotel Room - Calum Scott
17. How my last kiss went down - Made out after sex?
18. What I find attractive in the preferred sex - Personality
19. Pets - I want a hairless cat
20. Favorite ice cream flavor - pumpkin pie
21. Where I want to be right now - Living in New York City
22. Worst thing someone said to me - To Kill myself
23. Places I've lived: NC, SC
24. I'll love you if... - you are always real with me
25. Future plans - Get myself to be a self sustaining individual
26. An internal conflict I have - Can't get myself motivated enough to work out
27. What I'm doing tomorrow - Working
28. Most embarrassing moment - i'm not gonna say it on here obviously
29. Two insecurities - My double chin and my annoying personality
30. If I won the lottery - I'd get a new car and buy a house
31. Description of my crush - Someone I'm trying to get over!
32. Favorite thing about myself - I'm a nice person
33. Pet Peeves - liars
34. Bands I've seen Live - Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kesha, Ed Sheeran, James Blunt, Purity Ring, Reba McEntire, Brooks and Dunn
35. Do you want kids? How many? - Yes, and idk it depends
36. My idea of a perfect date -Doesn't matter as long as youre with someone you love
37. What I'm really good at - Being nice
38. Most traumatic experience - my grandmother dying
39. Where I'd like to live - New York City
40. Nicest thing said to me - That i'm a nice and good person and they care about me?
41. Do I like where I am now? - Yes and No
42. What can I hear right now - Aquamarine fucking annoying singing
43. Relationship with siblings - Distant but not cold
44. Biggest worry - Being stuck where im at forever
45. Something I'm waiting for - love
46. Relationship with parents - Distant. Somewhat cold?
47. Something I should've said a long time ago - I'm Gay
48. Last text message received - "not much you"
49. Last text message sent - "Damn I dont remember seeing you responded"
50. What I hate most about myself - I can't get motivated enough to work out
51. Biggest turn ons - Personality
52. Words that upset me - ? none really
53. What I'm wearing - Shorts and a t-shirt
54. Last thing I ate - A cheeseburger from sonic
55. Last thing I drank - A cheesecake milkshake from sonic

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