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  1. should i buy pubg
  2. I did the god damn thing!
  3. gift me the im straight btw from shops
  4. i dont have memories
  5. call me katy
  6. i think i have a hemorrhoid
  7. Who is spamming designs to auctions?
  8. What. Did. You. Do.
  9. im so done @all stars / episode ranking
  10. Draven out!
  11. is there PUBG for PC?
  12. whose ready for drag race tonight
  13. Dress my avi!
  14. Degrassi is on MTV now?
  15. Let's play some basketball!
  16. ummm...
  17. hey wanna go to waffle house at 3 am?
  18. whho needs to spam a design to auctions
  19. should i play
  20. to the- to the - to the hit it fergie!
  22. please gift me ombre janelle
  23. when your legs dont work
  24. i just wanna die today
  25. eat my cupcake titties
  26. rate my avi 1-10
  27. the snack that smiles back
  28. um excuse me
  29. guess which tengager said this:
  30. cant wait to celebrate tomorrow
  31. Let's play some basketball!
  32. im glad im katy perry
  33. BenDeLaCreme...
  34. would a lobotomy
  35. i love the feeling
  36. buy witness on itunes
  37. pyn for an honest opinion!
  38. Do you wanna tell them who you are?
  39. Girl....
  40. life can get you down

1000 days ;(

Feb 7, 2018 by PaulaDeen
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Omg I loved her, we were like besties, I can't believe it's been 1k days
Sent by Girllover101,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by maturo,Feb 7, 2018
Loved her and maturo a good secret couple
Sent by alanb1,Feb 8, 2018

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