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  1. My top 25 Played songs on iTunes
  2. I'm right over here
  4. *bends over*
  5. im horny
  6. apparently a guy i hooked up with
  7. i got issues
  8. Maggie and Milly and Molly and May
  9. my taint itches
  10. someone
  11. No title
  12. Tengaged Drag Race Rankings Ep 1
  13. QWELL!!!!!!!111oneoneon
  14. Honestly
  15. Wig!
  16. who needs an auction buyer?
  17. who invited molly ringwald
  18. It must be nice.
  19. i sit on a dick
  20. im horny
  21. That was my favorite lip sync
  22. Caption this gif:
  23. This song is such a hidden gem
  24. BSTL
  25. gift me prince charming!
  26. im horny
  27. fill in the blank:
  28. Fill in the blank:
  30. im a victim!
  31. how am i supposed to feel
  32. IM TIPSY
  33. Gift me princess tiana!
  34. RPDR Ranking
  35. Who is spamming designs to auctions?
  36. I recommend the Creme Brulee!
  37. its been a whole year
  38. goodnight squad
  39. let's pay women an equal wage
  40. who wants to

post your skype

Jan 1, 2018 by PaulaDeen
if you wanna come on a skype call with the ONE, the ONLY, ShayyBayy


if you're in it, i don't think i'm interested..
Sent by born2pizza,Jan 1, 2018
Do u have my skype
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Jan 1, 2018
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Jan 1, 2018
wouldnt have added you anyway hun nobody on this call likes you born2pizza
Sent by PaulaDeen,Jan 1, 2018
I'll pass
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Jan 1, 2018
People with 馃 will pass
Sent by Foxtrot,Jan 2, 2018

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