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TSC 2019 Ranking: #8-5

Dec 15, 2019 by Patrick319
8. Ingrid Michaelson - Missing You // Sent by onemanarmy
TSC 359 - 14th place, 58 points (10 points given)

Ingrid's latest album snapped, and the world paid her dust. Missing You is probably one of the more 'WTF?' songs in my top 20 at least, but it's totally up my alley. The production is smooth as hell, and the I love the lyrics (your lips are like a drug, and I'm an addict <3). This is easily one of my most played songs of 2019. Everything about it just speaks to me.

7. BANKS - Stroke // Sent by Insanity
TSC 361 - 8th place, 73 points (8 points given)

How am I supposed to rank these songs now? This one took a little while to grow on me, but I reckon it's become my favourite BANKS song of all time (sorry, Trainwreck). Stroke is SUCH an experience. It's multi-layered, and multi-faceted. It literally sounds like your speakers are starting to malfunction which would normally be a distressing situation, but it's never sounded more beautiful.

To parrot a YouTube comment,

brady swanson
5 months ago

Thank you, BANKS. The gays have truly been fed for the next 500 years before we eat the soul of Kim Petras.

6. RAYE - Love Me Again // Sent by ianfitz0012
TSC 367 - 7th place, 82 points (12 points given)

Love Me Again was a fantastic return to form by RAYE since her previous best single, Shh, which has been unseated for me personally. Love Me Again has a totally different vibe, and I adore it. The visuals are serving Greek mythological realness, and her vocal is absolute divinity. This song speaks to my soul, and I genuinely believe it's played a role on my path to loving ME again.

5. Aly Ryan - Wear Your Love // Sent by Fritzyyyyy
TSC 341 - 1st place, 146 points (12 points given)

One of the BEST national final songs of the 2019 season, and one of the BIGGEST missed opportunities as far as Eurovision is concerned. I don't know how Aly would have performed at Eurovision, but I know we'd all have been better for it by hearing her perform at the Grand Final. Wear Your Love is just such a good pop song. If it was released by Kim Petras it would have become an international hit with tons of radio play. The last minute is an explosion of pop perfection.


Aly Ryan getting what she deserves <333
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 15, 2019
she just took a DNA test, turns out she's 100% that 5th~
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 15, 2019

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