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TSC 2019 Ranking: #28-25

Dec 12, 2019 by Patrick319
28. LYRA - Falling // Sent by Eoin
TSC 339 - 10th place, 72 points (10 points given)

LYRA killed it this year with two entries in my top 40. I'll look past the fact that she shares an opinion with ILIRA regarding Eurovision. We don't need to talk about that. Falling and Never Let Go are basically interchangeable for me, but because I've been listening to Falling for longer, it has more sentimental value at this point in time. I'm relieved I recognized a quality ballad from the start, hence the amount of points I gave it in what was a very strong contest.

27. Yam Refaeli - Shehake'ev Yimtsa Lo Chaverim // Sent by Alexito
TSC 340 - 3rd place, 104 points (12 points given)

This song is aggressive, but in a way that isn't off putting at all. It's the right amount of anger. And speaking of anger, I'm angry that this song didn't win.

26. CYN - Believer // Sent by ricktworick1
TSC 370 - 2nd place, 99 points (12 points given)

Y'all seriously let Zayde Wolf win over this... a bunch of clowns. I gave CYN my 12, so I did my duty. Did you? Rick showed me this song a few weeks before it became eligible, and by the time it became eligible I was hoping that Rick would have forgotten about it, but alas, he didn't. What's funny is that had I not been hosting and successfully beaten Rick in the inevitable click race, I might have won with CYN assuming Rick wouldn't have resubmitted something stronger than Zayde (which would be a low bar). I associate Believer with long, hot summer nights. The retro vibe is to die for on this.

25. PVRIS - Hallucinations // Sent by Fritzyyyyy
TSC 373 - 2nd place, 101 points (12 points given)

When Hallucinations came out, I was torn (by Ava Max) on whether I liked it better than Death of Me. Clearly, I don't. But that's not to say that Hallucinations doesn't snatch my wig, because it absolutely does. The transition from (sleepy) verse to (punchy) chorus is extremely rewarding, akin to Remember by 9Muses. It should have won (sorry, Lorna).


Girl, you have done it again. Good update.

I see three men in the video stills combined though, work on that.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 12, 2019
believer and hallucinations <3
Sent by Darbe,Dec 12, 2019
Sent by Alexito,Dec 12, 2019

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