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TSC 2019 Ranking: #64-61

Dec 8, 2019 by Patrick319
64. LEXXE - Queen // Sent by Insanity
TSC 354 - 4th place, 99 points (8 points given)

Despite placing 4th, I feel like LEXXE is a bit of a black (dark) horse in this competition. I don't see enough people talking about her. Queen has a great production with a cool atmosphere. It has more replay value than Jetta from that week's contest hence why it's ranked above her, despite having received less points.

63. Kaskade, Meghan Trainor - With You // Sent by ianfitz0012
TSC 371 - 7th place, 86 points (12 points given)

I think this is the first Meghan Trainor song that I've legitimately liked. Kaskade's power. It's generic but utilizes the electro Swedish sound that I'm very much into. I hope the 37 entries ranked below this don't feel too bad knowing they were outranked by MEGHAN TRAINOR.

62. Noa Kirel - SLT // Sent by Alexeh23
TSC 377 - 2nd place, 129 points (8 points given)

Take out your pitchforks because it's time for a controversial elimination. First of all, this probably deserved to win that weeks contest (sorry Kesha). SLT was serving heat with a song that actually gave the mainstream pop girlies a serious challenge. That alone should have qualified Noa for victory over Dula Pipa. But why does SLT come in so low at spot 62 then? Well, there's another ethno-banger by the same artist that keeps my fire and excitement lit throughout, whereas the fuego burns out toward the end of SLT. All that to say, SLT is still a killer track that's obviously deserving of praise. And at least you beat Meghan Trainor.

61. Channel Tres - Controller // Sent by Tepr
TSC 346 - 22nd place, 37 points (10 points given)

Look, I don't claim to be the arbiter of all things great taste (even though I like to think I am), but some of you are probably cringing at this being ranked above SLT. And what about it? Controller is super chill, and the instrumental is everything. I wanted to rank Controller higher to anger the gays, but a spot at #61 suffices because realistically everything ranked above this I listen to a lot more. But thank you Tepr for introducing me to this postmodern BOP.


Oh I thought we were showing solidarity by putting Controller #1 together. :(
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 8, 2019
SLT robbed
Sent by Alexeh23,Dec 9, 2019

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