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TSC Spotlight: bibbles

2ndDec 7, 2019 by Patrick319
Over the years many players have come and gone, but one thing has remained consistent: bibbles' participation. bibbles is regarded by many as a TSC legend, a fact I don't think would be disputed by old or new players alike.

There's not a single person that has an issue with bibbles, and in fact we joke that bibbles gets the final say on matters regarding the contest. Are people fighting with Adele again? Bibbles Bader Ginsburg get the final verdict on who's in the right or wrong. She does after all want the best for all of us, and in essence the contest, so we wouldn't want to let her down with all the infighting that we do.

While bibbles does have an entry on my 2019 list, I still decided to make a spotlight blog dedicated to her considering that we're nearing the end of a DECADE of TSC, and bibbles has been one of the most consistent and loyal players to date.

It's time to rattle our swear jars together, and review some of bibbles most iconic all-time TSC submissions.

Rihanna - Disturbia
TSC 2 - 1st place, 75 points


Not only can all of these words be used to describe Disturbia, but also the fact that Disturbia by Rihanna gave bibbles her first win. This occurred back when TSC was a lawless place where both high-charting and Eurovision songs were permitted in the contest. The fact that Rihanna then happened to give bibbles her first ever win is hilarious considering that bibbles is now notorious for exclusively sending male-driven rock songs to the contest.

When a TSC: Trivia Game is ever created, Rihanna will be the answer to the question asking which artist gave bibbles her first TSC win.

I would love to know what the thought process behind submitting Disturbia was. Does bibbles even like the song? We need answers!

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
TSC 17 - 1st place, 93 points

Supermassive Black Hole gave bibbles her third win, but the first that felt true to the music we associate with bibbles (her second win was with P!nk to Felix's dismay). Muse likely wouldn't have much of a chance at even challenging for the top ten nowadays, but TSC 17 produced a perfect storm of circumstances that allowed a song like Muse's to win the contest. I sometimes think to myself that bibbles must hope for TSC to return to the state it was in back when Muse were able to achieve victory. 2019 TSC would never.

Kasabian - Days Are Forgotten
TSC 56 - 20th place, 27 points

On the surface nothing about this appears worthy of a mention on the list, but the circumstances surrounding Kasabian's relative placement are noteworthy indeed. The voters had the AUDACITY to let an Internet meme parodying Lady Gaga finish above Kasabian on the scoreboard.

17 :: 038 :: Lady Goo Goo
20 :: 027 :: Kasabian

Yes, a literal meme finished three places above a well-established and respected British rock band. Bibbles even said it herself:

classy rock act beaten by a kids song manufactured in a studio!!!!


am i sounding bitter!!

Not at all.

The story of Kasabian and Lady Goo Goo was certainly a #TSCMomentOfTheDecade that was deserving of a mention on this list. It's good to know your TSC history, kids!

Saint PHNX - Magic
TSC 306 - 1st place, 109 points

In early 2018, the unthinkable happened. After 230 contests since her last win, BIBBLES FINALLY WON AGAIN! With a rock song! I knew Magic would be TSC-friendly from the get-go, but seeing it win a week in which I hosted was such a pleasant surprise. I'm happy to have had a hand in making TSC history. We're hoping it won't take 230 contests to see bibbles get another win under her belt. Maybe next year.

Despite being completely out of touch from the rest of us musically, and likely often scratching her head at the crap we let win on a weekly basis, I appreciate that bibbles remains as loyal and dedicated to the contest as she is. TSC truly wouldn't be the same without her!

We love you bibbles!!


Magic was fabbbb we love Bibs
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Dec 7, 2019
Sent by Eoin,Dec 7, 2019
On my! I'm so so touched by this, genuinely made me smile and shed a tear at the same time!

On the  rhianna win, I actually don't like her or the song!! But back then I thought I had to enter songs that were popular and others would like! There were very few rules back then. And lady goo goo will forever haunt me!!

Thank you Patrick for those lovely words, I love all my tsc family.
Sent by bibbles,Dec 7, 2019
bibbles is the heart and soul of TSC. What a gem.

I admire her for plenty of reasons, most of them being obvious and shared by everyone. One thing that has stood out to me since it happened was that she approached me about my viewpoint of CupcakKe's overly sexual divisive lyrics to have a mature conversation about it. We were obviously on the opposite end of the spectrum with our opinions on the matter, but we heard each other out. She valued my opinion in a time where it's just so easy and the norm to be dismissive of each others views, especially when they're so wildly different. I'm not sure if she even remembers it, but it stuck with me and made me think even more highly of her.

Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 7, 2019
We love you bibbles! 馃挅
Sent by Insanity,Dec 7, 2019

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