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TSC 2019 Ranking: #96-93

Dec 5, 2019 by Patrick319
96. Sabrina Carpenter - Looking at Me // Sent by Darbe
TSC 379 - 3rd place, 89 points (3 points given)

This is an example of a song I massively underrated on first listen. I always liked it, but realize that I like it even more the further I listen to it. I think this might be Sabrina's best song since Thumbs. I can't justify putting it any higher for now, but if I were doing this ranking two months from now I could see this song moving up a lot on my list. I hope I didn't rob Darbe of a win that week. Sorry!

95. Poppy - Scary Mask (ft. FEVER 333) // Sent by CharlieBibi
TSC 359 - 15th place, 57 points (12 points given)

Poppy's transition into rock/heavy metal is such a fascinating and unexpected turn of events. I tend to enjoy experimental songs like this that border on heavy metal (see: Hungary 2018). I feel the same way about Scary Mask that I do about Hungary's 2018 entry, actually. Melodically, it's really interesting, and more than just loud noise. Iceland 2019 is another example. Scary Mask has a bit less replay value for me than either of those songs, but I still very much appreciate this song's existence, and the fact that Poppy was brave enough to dabble in the genre.

94. Matoma - Sunday Morning (ft. Josie Dunne) // Sent by AlanDuncan
TSC 339 - 5th place, 89 points (3 points given)

I tend to enjoy Matoma's music, and this is no exception. I became a little tired of the drop hence why this isn't any higher, but the production value is top-notch. I probably would've given this more points during any other week, but that contest was disproportionately stacked. You can expect to see a lot more songs from that week appear on this list, not necessarily in point order.

93. Ciara - Thinkin Bout You // Sent by Fritzyyyyy
TSC 351 - 7th place, 109 points (8 points given)

I don't think I realized I was much of a Ciara fan until this year. I enjoy her music a lot, and this was a welcome addition to my playlist when it came out. It's a super chill track that I can see myself playing on any occasion.


Poppy won
Sent by Insanity,Dec 5, 2019
Thinkin' Bout You is the cutest shit ever.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 6, 2019
Thinkin bout you was sooo nice
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Dec 6, 2019

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