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Survivor Ghost Island Episode 3 Ranking

Mar 7, 2018 by Patrick319

- I loved both Libby and Morgan in that episode. Libby proved herself to be cutthroat, while Morgan was on the receiving end of her wrath. As much as I loved Libby putting her friendship with Morgan aside to make that move, I'm sad for Morgan because I DID like her. I thought she was really bubbly and funny, but I always support a good move when I see one!
- Voting Morgan was a REALLY good move for the Malolo 4 like I mentioned. Now Angela distrusts Domenick and Wendell, and we know Chris is feuding with Domenick. This sets the Malolo 4 up in a really good spot so WELL DONE.
- The fact that Angela got blindsided by every single person on her tribe and still didn't go home is hysterical to me and I absolutely stan, hence why she's at #3.
- Bradley would basically be me on Survivor, complaining about everything, so I like him from that angle.
- Domenick is playing too hard and he's playing terribly as well. The only way he gets himself out of this is by having every single advantage on his side which is what is totally going to happen.



I support this
Sent by Willie_,Mar 7, 2018
Libby did a great job at putting her friendship aside!

This was James' move however so no discredit there
Sent by NewNightmare7,Mar 7, 2018
NewNightmare7 yup that's why I still have James high. Should have mentioned him. GREAT MOVE BY HIM.
Sent by Patrick319,Mar 7, 2018

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