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Survivor Fans vs. Favourites Results!

Jan 19, 2013 by Patrick319
CHART: *when on the picture, click once for clearer view*

~ FANS ~
Chris ( blueu22)
Jason ( jtotalturtle)
Aloha ( tdan13)
Tyler ( Lavaworks)
Boo ( Booyahhayoob)
Jenneh ( Alyxandra)
Lafonda (@levonini)
Jade ( Survivor_NaOnka)
Anna ( Survivor8)
Kelsey ( Millzipede)

A.J. ( ajlikes17)
Charlie ( ILoveSleep)
Penner ( ILoveSleep)
Samual ( MrPokeguy9)
Tommy ( CocoaBean)
Chelsea ( chelss)
Elizabeth ( g1ng4)
Jallina ( Jallina15)
London ( Dove98)
Sandy ( Akuastie)

I will try to keep this season's summary short as well, only indicating major episodes.
Enjoy! :)

After 11 successful seasons of Tengaged Survivor, our 12th season brought together 10 of our biggest FANS versus 10 of our recent biggest FAVOURITES from Marquesas to Pearl Islands to battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor!
The Fan's tribe was AIRAI (Orange) and the Favourite's tribe was MALAKAL (Purple).

At the first aggressive Immunity Challenge the Favourites managed to pull off a victory, sending the Fans to Tribal Council. The fans tribe quickly became divided and Aloha & Jenneh were quickly outcasted as the weakest members of the tribe. However, Aloha's humour and Jenneh's strong relationships with the other females on the tribe (Anna & Jade), gave them a majority against the opposite side who attempted to split the vote, which lead to the blindside of Lafonda at the season's very first Tribal Council!

The favourites pulled off a second victory and the Fans tribe decided to vote out the cocky & arrogant Boo in a 8-1 vote. The favourites managed to win yet again, sending the Fans to their third Tribal Council. Divisions were still present on the Fans tribe. Anna/Jenneh/Jade/Aloha had a 4 person alliance while the 3 other males; Chris/Jason/Tyler were close as well. Kelsey felt that Jenneh didn't like her because she didn't vote Lafonda out at the first Tribal but Kelsey still made attempts bonding with the other girls. Jade made it clear she was feeling very sick and wanted to possibly leave the game but the girl's alliance stuck together and Jason was voted out. The next day Jade yet again questioned her desire to be on the island. Later that day Jade decided to leave the game. She was the first castaway to ever quit.

The next day, the castaways were shocked to find out about a TRIBE SWITCH!
The castaways drew rocks out of a bag to decide the new team captains.
ANNA was the captain of the new Airai tribe.
TOMMY was the captain of the new Malakal tribe.
Each castaway had to pick a member from the opposite tribe and so on!

Anna chose Samual for AIRAI
Tommy chose Aloha for MALAKAL
Samual chose Jenneh for AIRAI
Aloha chose Sandy for MALAKAL
Jenneh chose Jallina for AIRAI
Sandy chose Tyler for MALAKAL
Jallina chose Chris for AIRAI
Tyler chose Chelsea for MALAKAL
Chris chose Charlie for AIRAI
Chelsea chose Kelsey for MALAKAL
Charlie chose Elizabeth for AIRAI
Kelsey chose Penner for MALAKAL
Elizabeth chose A.J. for AIRAI
Penner chose London for MALAKAL

AIRAI: Anna, Samual, Jenneh, Jallina, Chris, Charlie, Elizabeth, A.J.
MALAKAL: Tommy, Aloha, Sandy, Tyler, Chelsea, Kelsey, Penner, London

Malakal managed to pull off the first victory, sending the new Airai to Tribal Council! On Airai, Anna & Chris agreed to stick together. Jallina gave the 3 fans some hope in survival as she mentioned that Elizabeth wasn't liked by all the favourites so the fans best bet would be to campaign against Elizabeth. However, at Tribal, the favourites stuck together and Jenneh was voted out 5-3.

Malakal managed to win again, sending Airai to another Tribal Council. On Airai, Jallina decided to strategically align herself with Anna & Chris to ensure her safety at all angles. Chris & Samual talked as well and Chris stated that he would like to work with Samual as he was a big fan of him on Nicaragua. Anna/Chris/Jallina/Samual came together to form a F4 alliance. Charlie was also in the mix, and the 5 of them agreed to vote Elizabeth out next. Charlie, who was looking for trouble, told A.J. & Elizabeth (who had a Marquesas alliance) that Elizabeth was being targetted and that them 3 + the 2 fans should vote for Jallina. Elizabeth talked to Anna later that day who basically confirmed her & Chris were in an alliance with Jallina. Knowing that they wouldn't have the votes to get Jallina out, Elizabeth leaked that Charlie was planning a Jallina-blindside when in reality, Charlie was on board to vote Elizabeth out. This angered Jallina and the now alliance of 4 flipped their votes. At Tribal, A.J./Elizabeth decided to vote Jallina in case anybody flipped while the Core4 blindsided Charlie 4-2-1.

Episode 7 was a DOUBLE ELIMINATION episode, meaning both tribes would be going to Tribal Council. Malakal won the challenge meaning they would attend Tribal Council first and then enjoy a feast while watching Airai's Tribal Council.
At Malakal, Aloha told the favourites he didn't want to work with his pre-fan tribe mates (Kelsey & Tyler) and that he would be on board with the favourites. The favourites also outcasted Sandy, who they believed had an Idol. The speculation was true and Sandy did in fact have an Idol. Fearing they were the outcasts, Sandy approached Kelsey & Tyler about working together. At the opposite side of the spectrum, Aloha/Chelsea/London/Penner/Tommy planned on splitting the votes. The alliance thought they had Kelsey on board with them as well but Kelsey was secretly just a double-agent. The plan was for the 3 girls to vote Sandy and the 3 guys to vote Tyler. Kelsey approached Tommy and told him that Sandy was trying to get him voted out (as Sandy & Tommy did not stay in contact after Palau) and that if the vote tied 3-3, the other castaways would vote Tyler out over Sandy. Kelsey managed to get Tommy to flip his vote and vote for Sandy, who played her Idol. This caused Tyler to only receive 2 votes (from Aloha & Penner) while Tommy was blindsided receiving 3 votes from Kelsey, Sandy & Tyler!

At Airai, A.J. & Elizabeth knew they were the minority pair but they didn't stop working to get votes. They attempted to split the fan pair of Anna/Chris, but before Tribal, Samual promised A.J. safety and his alliance of 4 voted out Elizabeth.

Airai were now down to only 5 members with A.J. being a lone wolf. Despite the 4-1 division, Airai worked well together and won the next 2 challenges!
In Episode 8 at Malakal, the Kelsey/Sandy/Tyler alliance was in control as the opposing alliance crumbled and began throwing each other under the bus. Sandy told Chelsea/London the plan was to vote Aloha and she told Aloha/Penner the plan was to vote London. At Tribal, Kelsey/Sandy/Tyler stuck with the girls and Aloha was voted out 5-2.
In Episode 9 at Malakal, Penner approached Tyler and told him that they could not let Chelsea merge as she would become too big of a threat. This information was passed on to Sandy who thought of betraying Chelsea next. Penner approached Sandy and told her that he admired her aggressive gameplay and that he wanted to work with her. At Tribal, Chelsea was blindsided and voted out 4-2. Chelsea & London voted for Tyler as they thought the 2 of them were in a girls alliance with Kelsey & Sandy.

~ EPISODE 10 ~
The tribes were now even - 5 on Airai and 5 on Malakal. At the next challenge, the tribes were notified about a MERGE! The 2 tribes merged into the Green tribe, DABU!
The Airai5 agreed to stick together as A.J. was slowly integrating into the alliance of 4 and was very close with Samual. However, there were minor issues with the Malakal5 as Kelsey wanted to work with Anna & Chris, her old tribemates. Jallina & Sandy, who were not friends from Palau came after each other making the first Tribal all about Jallina vs. Sandy. Sandy suggested the former Malakal members align with the 2 Airai fans to vote Jallina next. However, Jallina made a side alliance with both London & Penner from the new Malakal to ensure her safety at all angles yet again. A.J. ran by an idea to possibly take out Chris and to reunite the original favourites, an opportunity London & Penner jumped on. However, Jallina did not want to vote an Airai out but pretended as if the plan was to vote Chris to ensure all the Malakal members wouldn't vote together to tie the vote. At Tribal, Malakal's votes ended up splitting - 2 for Chris and 2 for Jallina while the Airai5 + Kelsey took Sandy out in a 6-2-2 vote. Sandy became the first member of the Jury.

~ EPISODE 11 ~
The Airai5 had a majority but Jallina & Samual were concerned that the 4 remaining fans would come together if they kept them in any longer. Later that day, Samual had found a hidden Immunity Idol which he shared with A.J.. The Airai5 also met and agreed upon voting London. However, A.J./Jallina/Samual had other plans. London & Penner brought up the idea of voting for Tyler next. Jallina & Penner solidified their alliance and Samual thought of showing his Idol to the rest of the favourites in order to gain their trust but he ultimately didn't. At Tribal, the favourites stuck together and Tyler was blindsided in a 5-4 vote. Tyler became the second member of the Jury.

~ EPISODE 12 ~
Anna, Chris & Kelsey were surprised by the outcome but were calmed down by Jallina stating that she was still on board with them. Kelsey, who was beginning to become suspicious of the favourites came up with a plan with Anna to take out either A.J. or Samual. Anna agreed that she wanted A.J. out but Kelsey was leaning towards eliminating Samual. Anna approached Jallina with the idea of splitting the vote between A.J. and Samual in case of any Idols and then taking A.J.. Kelsey also told of this plan to Penner but stated she would rather want Samual out as she feared Anna/Chris would stick with him down the line. Penner agreed. Penner called to reunite a Malakal alliance with Kelsey & London, who both agreed. They also agreed with Anna, Chris & Jallina to split the vote. Penner approached Jallina that it would be smarter to take out Samual. Penner went as far as saying he was willing to take Jallina to the Finals. Chris warned Samual his name was going around but stated he would try his best to save him. Samual, not wanting to waste his Hidden Idol, called a meeting with Anna & Chris and told them both that they could go to the F4 along with A.J.. He said that Kelsey was most likely reuniting a Malakal alliance and targetting Samual, in hopes of getting A.J. on their side after the vote. Anna & Chris discussed who to vote for but decided that Kelsey was someone they could trust. At Tribal, Samual played his Idol, nulling the 3 votes against him. A.J. was then voted out in a 3-2 vote against Kelsey. A.J. became the third member of the Jury.

At the next Tribal Council, Kelsey re-evaluated her decision of agreeing on the rejoined Malakal alliance realized she would rather work with Anna & Chris until the end of the game. Kelsey discussed voting a big threat out like Penner, but after winning Immunity, the target shifted towards London. Samual was disappointed that Penner wrote his name down but Penner later calmed Samual down by telling him he wanted to go to F3 with him & Jallina. After Kelsey heard this news from Samual, she was now sure she wanted to stick with the fans as Penner was making deals with everyone. Samual was stuck in the middle of the vote and didn't know whether to side back with the favourites or vote a favourite out. At Tribal, Samual voted with the fans and London was voted out in a 4-3 vote. London became the fourth member of the Jury.

~ EPISODE 13 ~
Jallina knew she was now exposed and it was clear to the fans she had wrote Chris's name down. In order to survive another Tribal, she reminded the fans that Penner was a big threat and that they couldn't let him make the Finals or he'd win, despite her having a F2 deal with him. Samual, who had thought about Penner's previous offer had agreed to vote Chris out next to split up the duo of Anna & Chris. Meanwhile the fans plotted to take Penner out. Jallina thought of a new plan to save her F2 partner and take out another fan. Jallina told Kelsey that she was the third wheel in the 3 person "fan alliance" and that it would be smartest to take Chris out next. That would give the girls a 3-2 majority, making the next 2 votes easy. At Tribal, Anna & Chris voted together but the rest of the tribe all wanted to split the Anna/Chris pair, and voted Chris out in a 4-2 vote. Chris became the fifth member of the Jury.

~ EPISODE 14 ~
With 5 castaways remaining in the competition, Samual mentioned his worry to Penner that the 3 girls could possibly team up to take the 2 guys out. Penner stated his next vote would go to Anna and then it would be every man for himself. Samual also worried that Jallina & Penner possibly had a F2 alliance, which Anna had already suspected since a few Tribals ago. Later that day, Jallina met with the 2 fans to vote Samual next. However, at Tribal, Anna/Samual/Kelsey voted together, shocking both Penner & Jallina where Penner was voted out in a 3-1-1 vote. Penner became the sixth member of the Jury.

~ EPISODE 15 ~
The FINAL 4 consisted of ANNA, JALLINA, KELSEY and SAMUAL. Jallina tried to get Kelsey to tie the vote but after mixed responses from Kelsey, Jallina made up a lie to Anna that she heard Kelsey say she wanted to take Samual to the Final 2 for an easy win. However, Jallina's efforts didn't work and she was voted out in a 3-1 vote. Jallina became the seventh member of the Jury.
At the Final Immunity Challenge, Kelsey beat out Anna & Samual in a game of endurance and had decided to vote Anna out as she suspected Samual had more enemies on the Jury. Anna had become the seventh and final member of the Jury.

The Jury of 8 were split. Some jury members believed Kelsey was a coat-tail rider and just went along with the "majority" while others thought she played a smart solid strategic game to get herself far. Some jury members believed Samual played no strategic game while others argued Samual had played a solid social game this time around.
In the end, the Jury crowned Samual as the winner in a 5-3 vote.


You make a good table.
Sent by ToughNubbs,Jan 19, 2013
crying for Charlie :(
Penner < / 3
Sent by ILoveSleep,Jan 19, 2013
Sent by chelss,Jan 19, 2013
soooooo close ugh Anna< 3
Sent by Survivor8,Jan 19, 2013
omg Sandy got voted out early merge again.
Sent by Akuastie,Jan 19, 2013
London leaving classy.
Sent by Dove98,Jan 19, 2013
Kelsey is an ALL-STAR. Robbage at it's finest
Sent by Millzipede,Jan 20, 2013
YAY SAMUEL, WERK IT HUNNY!!!!!! 1st place, well done Sam I knew you could
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Jan 20, 2013
Me and Millzipede working that Final 2 :D
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Jan 20, 2013
Of course I'm portrayed as the cocky and arrogant one. *facepalm*
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Jan 20, 2013
agghhh 3 seasons in the final merge!
Sent by ajlikes17,Jan 21, 2013
Just reading this last night because I love memories and...........I was so like Parvati this season haha #Villain4Ever
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Aug 3, 2014

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