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don’t let that be yo life vote Apr 19, 2024
don’t be out dying bout a bitch , ngga you snitch if you hangin wit a snitch
Points: 26 2 comments
rap ngga vote Apr 19, 2024
but i was wit da bricks dat is wrapped factory.
Points: 24 4 comments
Survivor of the year award Dec 16, 2023
The two candidates are chronic comp throwers 😭 mexash wtf dawg
Points: 31 1 comments
Stars support Dec 16, 2023
everyone thats black,  i rarely support if you're not black

but lets go

Points: 0 2 comments
Joining Stars :x Dec 16, 2023
Points: 17 2 comments
give me a pyrex and scale and a stove Dec 16, 2023
i know im never going broke
Points: 0 0 comments