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4thJul 8, 2018 by Paige54

Sent by s73100,Jul 8, 2018
Sent by Bambino,Jul 8, 2018
thanks for dragging the attention whore, queen... ugh we stan.
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Jul 8, 2018
fucking drag her jesus
Sent by peace123,Jul 8, 2018
I like everyone in this blog but this is dumb and unnecessary
Sent by Fetish,Jul 8, 2018
Sent by purplebb4,Jul 8, 2018
Fetish Dumb and unnecessary is Livvie telling me to kill myself but you know...☕️☕️☕️
Sent by Paige54,Jul 8, 2018
Jesus Christ shut up
Sent by alanb1,Jul 8, 2018
Sent by alanb1,Jul 8, 2018
Not everything is about you hoe Alanb1
Sent by Paige54,Jul 8, 2018
Imagine lying
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Jul 8, 2018
Me @ lying when I've shown proof Livvieboo12 ???
Sent by Paige54,Jul 8, 2018
Doesn't mean it's real
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Jul 8, 2018
They're real and you know it. I've had these for months and you're delusional if you think that they aren't real.
Sent by Paige54,Jul 8, 2018
I mean it’s not that big of a deal. There’s always gonna be drama. You can’t really defend someone telling someone to kill themself but I don’t really think there’s a point to making this blog bc it’s not anything new. Unfortunately half of Tengaged thinks it’s ok to say that. But the drama that led up to it is stupid from all sides.
Sent by Fetish,Jul 8, 2018
To be fair fetish I don’t feel like anything maturo did to u was worse than livvie telling a 14 year old girl to kill herself among the other weird things that were said but u had TWO major blogs exposing him.

I think on Tengaged when someone hurts you and simply weirds u out the way Paige is weirded out right now, blogging about it is one of the first things that comes to mind as you yourself know. It’s A) a therapeutic method of writing out your feelings and B) a good way to embarrass the person who ur trying to expose for their gross behavior which makes u feel better about the situation.
Sent by alanb1,Jul 8, 2018
It’s hard to see things from other people’s perspective sometimes but u have to remember Paige is very young and having her natural reaction be to blog something like this is ofc valid fetish as ppl expose others on this site for much less harmful comments / actions. Like words that livvie used can actually be harmful to her at that age it sucks that happened.
Sent by alanb1,Jul 8, 2018
Imagine defending redfatfaggot
Sent by smuguy2012,Jul 8, 2018
alanb1 I get that and I’m not saying it’s ok. But I think a pedophile running around the site is little bit more important than someone telling another person to kill themself. I’m not saying it’s okay but that’s a little extra to be comparing these 2 situations.

I’m sorry this happened to you Paige. I’m not making excuses for these words that were said to you :(
Sent by Fetish,Jul 8, 2018
The drama about the blog being dumb and unnecessary is dumb and unnecessary
Sent by GoodKaren,Jul 8, 2018
It’s not extra tho lol u didn’t have to blog it but u did and so did Paige I frankly didn’t even read ur blogs or this one lol just think critiquing the choice to blog her frustrations away is hypocritical for anyone whos ever done it themselves. I have no problem with u sis just don’t understand / like the logic. Remember she’s 14 when those comments were first made and is still only 15 u iconic queen of pop fetish
Sent by alanb1,Jul 9, 2018
Sent by Katherinee_,Jul 9, 2018
queen paige
Sent by paul028,Jul 9, 2018
On one hand I 100% agree with Paige that Livvie was on the wrong end of the argument here, but then I also agree with Livvie about Red being a total psychotic bitch.

But if we’re looking at this incident in particular involving only the two of you, I’m on #TeamPaige
Sent by Kelly2722,Jul 9, 2018
Sent by Matte,Jul 9, 2018
wow im really shock about livie, I though she was nice oO
Sent by Styxxe,Jul 9, 2018
Lol who cares
Sent by Russell11,Jul 9, 2018
who are these people
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,Jul 9, 2018
Get off of my blog EliOrtiz1234
Sent by Paige54,Jul 9, 2018

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