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🍚 s73100 🍚 Feb 22, 2019
I used to be obsessed with this website to the point where it was an unhealthy obsession. My parents took away my tengaged account and what did I do? I came back to my original account from 2014 and literally ignored every single rule that my parents gave me.

I haven't played an actual game that wasn't a charity in a while, though, besides the two stars games I played. I've been much more  productive and I've gotten my grades up since they slipped once I got back into tengaged, and I really want to keep that up.

I've been staying on here because I was going to save up for a gifting shop to gift my friends, but clearly I've been spending t$ recklessly so maybe I'll just come back and gift people in a year or so.

I've made so many friends on here and I can't thank them enough for supporting me through my worst times and we've had a lot of laughs. I got to meet my best friends s73100 bigbrotherdonny j2999 #peace123 goodkaren redfabfoxy and many more people that I wouldn't trade for the world, so I hope every keeps in contact with me on snap when i log off of Skype and Tengaged for good. I also met the love my of my life tj2807 who I can literally talk to about everything and anything, and he's literally been one of the only people in my life who's made me feel like I'm actually worth something, so despite all of the bad things that have happened on tengaged, I've made a lot of good friends I hope to never lose.

This seemed like a good time to quit Tengaged. With new moderation that hasn't been working how it should've been, and the quality of the people on here getting worse, it seems like the right thing to do so I can focus on the real world instead of toxic people. Nothing against the moderators as people, really. I liked both of them before new moderation came in, especially Carolyn bc shes my fellow Wisconsinite queen. But whoever is making these bad choices on admin needs to fix it or they're going to be the downfall of the site.

My snapchat is live:paige5459 if anyone actually wants to stay in contact with me outside of tengaged and Skype. I hope things are better irl and on tengaged if I come back a while from now.

Tagging some people that may or may not care if I'm gone but lolxd:
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🍚 s73100 🍚 Feb 5, 2019
It's been brought to my attention that the whole Paige is a man meme is being taken seriously and I would like to clarify that I am A REAL GIRL if you didn't know this already.

Tagging people who have seen what I look like, been on call with me, or both just to back me up in case some losers don't believe me:
M_Davis1998 got to hear my womanly singing lol
MisterPredaa i think we were on a stars call?

And many more
ty for your time
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🍚 s73100 🍚 Nov 20, 2018
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🍚 s73100 🍚 Aug 4, 2018
Happy 17th birthday GoodKaren !!! Me and some of your pther friends wrote some messages for you for this special day :)))

Happy birthday, Karen! You're one of the sweetest people I've met on this site. I love you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN! You're awesome, nice, and a great friend! I hope you have a great birthday!
KAREN! We’ve been friends for years now and it’s so great to be able to get to know you. I always admire your relentless positivity and attitude. You are incredibly kind but you are also able to stand up for yourself and your friends which I respect so much. Have a fabulous day gal!!!

Happy 17th birthday Karen! We’ve been friends for several years now, and I have enjoyed all the time we’ve had together. Your kindness is a model of how everyone should be, and you have a bright and funny personality. I hope you have a great birthday! Enjoy it and have lots of fun! :)

Happy birthday Karen ! I hope you can have a great day, thank you for being my lil sestra, and for being around my annoying self, for bidding my designs up on auctions, for being good, and everything else ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOT OR SHOULD I SAY MEOOOOOOOOOOW MEOOOOOOOW :3 (hopefully you’ll get a huge great awesome gift even tho I’m the biggest one you could’ve asked 4 <3)

Karen, YOURE MY ICON. I have never seen such a kind queen on this website! Your positiveness and jubilant attitude make this website a different place. i am so happy its your birthday! I really hope you have a nice day and I send all the energy to you < 3 My August 4 11:11 is definitely for you. Love you mean it - Brandon :)

happy birthday Karen, I love your cat gif, but I love the gif from mean girls the most idk why that's so funny, and you're really nice, way nicer than your sister that's for sure, and you're also a member of the sky level icons group. I hope you have the best day ever cause you deserve it so much

Happy birthday to the best sestra ever!
I don't remember exactly how we met but my first memory of seeing you was probably back in 2015 when you were still a yellow level and I saw you in the blogs paige a lot. We didn't know each other as well at that time but I remembered you being really nice and I was not wrong about that. After I came back from my break in mid 2017, you were the first person I talked to lol and we became friends which I'm so glad we did! To be honest, you are one of the nicest people tengaged has ever had, I know a lot of people say that but it's because it's true! You are always so friendly, always genuine, and always positive about anything. I am so proud to be your sister! Love you and wishing you the very best on your birthday <3

Hey Good Karen queen of cats and having a birthday close to mine. You're such an icon and so fun to talk to and I'm glad I met you in the pots/you got added to the nerd herd. I hope today is amazing for you and u get all the cats you've ever desired


rly karen? having a birthday.... jk even though I wasn't very nice 2 you in survivor I can now see you're actually super cool and a really nice person and you've been such a good friend to my husband which makes me happy to see. Have a good day :)

Karen, you're truly an angel <3 Whenever i've ever needed you, you are always one of the first people to hug me and let me know everything is going to be okay. You're one of the nicest people i've ever met, and anyone who disagrees can fight me on that. This site would never be the same without you, and I thank the Goddesses every day that you're in my life. I love you so much <3 Happy birthday, Queen of Queens <3

Karen Karen happy birthday I love you so much and hate you haha you always beats me in castings that's not fair ily and I hope you have a great day and don't let anyone fuck it up for you cuz if someone does that I will kill the person hope you have an amazing day with your family and friends love you //Steef

Happy Birthday Karen!! You are such an amazing friend and I’m so glad that I have gotten to know you! You are definitely one of the nicest people on here and people like you make tengaged a better place! Hope you have a great day!

Dear Karebear
I'm so blessed to meet someone like you, and I'm proud to be called your daughter. You are legit one of the nicest people I have met. I love you with my heart mom happy birthday

Okay, I'm not going to forget another friend's birthday blog so soon!  But Karen, you are such a sweetheart to everyone around you and it's no wonder you are so loved around Tengaged!    Your loadcat is cute and amazeballs, the make a wish blogs are heart-warming, and all-around you are so adorable as a person. I hope you an amazing special day!  We all know you deserve nothing but the best!

Happy birthday queen Karen!! I hope you have an amazing one, and I wish you luck, happiness, and a bright future. You’ve always been such a bright and nice person, you have always had correct judgement and been fair and loyal to people. And you love cats too, and anyone who loves cats can’t be a bad person! <3 I love you girl, and I’m so happy to have you as a friend. #Loadcatisthebest

You've been such a Iconic Queen, and I have never met anyone like you on TG at all before. you are always positive and you always kept me out of trouble your like a good influence to me and been there on my ups and downs and couldn't be more than happy to have you in my life. Your the best girl who treated me the best EVER!!!! And I will always try to do the right thing for you. ty for being the best girl ever to me. ilysm Karen <3

                                                                                     ~ Jakob (MoneyShot)

ummm hate to do this on ur birthday but karennnnnnn insert bday emoji lol
when we playin vivor
when we playin vivor
oops this is a bday message

Hey Karen Ily so much ur truly iconic everyone here is a big meenie head but you’ve always been really nice to me ily so much

Happy Birthday Karen!!!!
Such a sweet person who is always so kind to people and always such a positive person which makes the site a lot better. Love whenever we speak, as it's impossible to be in a crap mood when talking to you. Thanks for being a great mate, and hope you have an amazing birthday <3

Happy birthday Karen! It’s been so fun getting to know you and talking to you in the cult and pots chat, you’re always so uplifting and happy, it’s super refreshing to have someone like that to talk to! And a happy birthday from tangy too :P I hope you have a great day <3

Happy birthday Karen! I can't believe it's already your birthday xD I remember back in like March being like I'm gonna gift Karen and Paige on their bdays :P Welp I don't have T$ so there goes that rip.....but yeah happy birthday! You're definitely one of the nicest people on tengaged, and that's something the site really needs. I hope life is going well and I hope you have an amazing day!

GoodKaren you're the sweetest girl on this site and you have been nothing but nice to me and I hope you have an amazing birthday, happy 17th and ily ^-^

Happy birthday to my favorite OG potato! I’ve loved talking to you since the start of my time on Tengaged in the Nerd Herd, Potatoes Chat, and the Emeritus Cult (rop). We made the potatoes chat the best skype chat on tengaged honestly. You’re such a queen and everyone loves you especially me so woo, and you’re such a nice person, even to people who don’t deserve your kindness, and I really love that. I would never have the balls to be like that. I’m really glad that I get to talk to you on a daily basis because you’re one of the few people on tengaged that keep me the slightest bit sane. I’ve loved wishing that I could be a mermaid on all of your 11:11 blogs and seeing loadcat 8 times a day bc we stan a legendary cat. I hope you have a great birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays with you woo <3333
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🍚 s73100 🍚 Jun 28, 2018
I decided to post now cause it’s officially your birthday in your timezone, so happy 19th birthday Felipe!!! A couple of your friends have wrote some messages for you for your birthday so woo we love birthdays :)))))))


My Dearest Felipe,
What can I had me at hello :)
I will never forget when we first met I got a mail from "some guy" asking if justme jenna2010 wanted to join a game with you and be a fierce alliance on the site. I mailed Jenna and Sue and said hey some guy wants us to join games with him...we did and the rest is history. We all loved you and couldn't ask for a better friend. You have never let us down and your friendship is so genuine it is hard to find people like you on this site. I am the lucky one for getting that mail I love you endlessly. We have had some good times on this site and I look forward to more good times to come. Thank you for always being there for me I hope you have a great birthday with many many more to come.

Happy birthday Felipe I hope your day is as amazing as you are! Enjoy turning 16 finally! Thank you for your friendship I love you!


Felipe, you have become one of my favorite people on this site.  I hope you have an amazing birthday and year ahead.  Stay true to who you are and never let anyone impact who you are.  Have a great day, love you sweetheart!


Happy birthday buddy hope you have a great day will all your friends and families love ya buddy hope you have the best birthday ever

Felipinaaaaaa happy birthday my dear! You have been one truly amazing friend to me since we met in our first Casting together 8 months ago. You are always so helpful to everyone, selfless, kind and wonderful and I feel so blessed to call you a friend. You deserve the best and I hope you have the birthday of your lifetime with your loved ones. Love you muchas much <3

Felipe nessa data tão especial, desejo o melhor pra voce, que os seus sonhos sejam reliazados, seus objetivos alcançados, que vc continue sendo essa pessoa generosa, amigo, coração gigante. Sei que algumas vezes fico te enchendo o saco, mas saiba que eu te considero muito e é por ficar te enchendo que confio e me sinto a vontade, pois amizade é isso, quando a gente tem a liberdade de ser  a gente, transparente e tu é um amigo transparente, sincero. Que voce aproveite a cada momento bom que a vida lhe oferecer, que a felicidade seja constante, feliz aniversário meu amgo, muito amor sempre em sua vida!!! <3 <3 <3

Felipe, eu sempre penso em você com carinho e afeto. Quando entrei no, você foi uma das primeiras pessoas que conheci e me identifiquei.
Sempre educado e atencioso, você é um ótimo amigo.
Alguns br's dizem que você " paga de americano", mas sinceramente? Se eu falasse inglês fluente também seria igual hahaha.

Continue sendo essa pessoa incrível, te desejo um feliz aniversário e tudo do melhor. Te adoro. ❤

FelipeS, te conheci aqui no jogo, senti logo um carinho muito especial por ti. Jogamos varias vezes juntos ... acho que juntos até somos fortes. Bem falando um pouco de você, te acho um rapaz super fofo, carinhoso, um amigo que toda a gente gostava imenso de ter. Pois é hoje é o teu aniversario e te escrevi em poucas palavras o que acho mesmo de ti , espero levar-te no meu coração, é verdade que tenho estado muito ausente mas isso não impede nada uma amizade. Muitos parabens lindo , espero que hoje e que é o teu dia te corra tudo bem e que passes estes bons momentos e os proximos junto de quem tu mais gostas e vais ver que vais ser muito feliz e espero que concretizes todos os teus sonhos. Um abraço enorme do fuuuuuuuuundo do coooooraaaaaçãoooooo

Dearest Felipe, happy birthday hun, it was great getting to know you throughout Tengaged, you are an awesome person.

Happy birthday Felipe, legendary king!!! You’ve become such an amazing friend to me since I’ve joined the pots. You’re funny, cute, witty, and a VERY loyal and helpful friend to anyone you care about. I love our little jokes and our conversations are always great!! You’re an amazing person, and I’m lucky to know you <3 Have an amazing birthday boo!

Happy Birthday my favorite brat :) You're such an icon and so funny <3 Definitely my favorite Brazilian Tengager and one of my favorite friends. I also love your gifs :) I hope you have a great birthday Felipe with an S <3 Wearing the loadcat design you spammed in for me too today :)

Happy birthday to the best brother that I never had 😂😂😂
I first met you thru Paige when we were still the original potatoes and my earliest memory of you was when me and jeddie got you to level up so that you would be the highest ranked purple level for Kristy’s game which was so iconic. After that we got to know each other better and tbh i think that you are really random and funny and i love all of our jokes and random mails. Anyways, I hope you have an amazing day! To celebrate let’s drive a red ferrari and go visit Paige and Jeddy and get peanut m&m’s then go buy V E R S A C E then go kill a terrorist 😂😂😂😂 maybe we can go find laren too

Well happy birthday Felipe you are my twin in law since i am dating your sister, you’re really great lol you have so much character ummm and you always put others first top dog, then like I’m just rambling on about you cause this is your birthday present from me sorry I don’t have no faces I am intellectually challenged! You can tell I’m super good at birthday messages. Where was I again? Oh yeah I have fun when we are trolling together, and you’re basically the only other potato from the Southern Hemisphere so legend for that. Anyways I hope you have yourself a super duper day man, go jump into that pool 19 times or however old you’re turning <3

Happy Birthday Felipe! I suck at writing messages, especially birthday messages, so don’t expect this to be good xD so uhm yeah I hope you enjoy your birthday and life goes well and stuff so yeet I can write things totally. Ima just stop now before I make myself more awkward e.e

Happy Birthday Felipe! An amazing guy and I hope you have an amazing day bro :)

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KING. I love talking to you and you're so funny and entertaining. You're so likable and very clever/smart and I hope you have a great day

Ur always so nice to me and we talk a little less now but it’s ok. I’m glad ur girlfriend is making this surprise HBD blog for you it’s so nice of her. Ur nice to all your friends honestly and r a cool person to get to know and I’m happy u have a healthy group of friends on here including me that care a lot about u. Have a great day prince xoxo b1

Hey Felipe ess happy birthday friend. You’re super nice and funny and deserve the best birthday ever! So I hope u have a good one. Writing this while I’m in stars so it’ll be a little late but thank you for the stars gif it’s much appreciated =] <333333

Nine months ago I met you in a fasting where we decided to make an alliance (September 6th-- Save the date :P) As usual I flopped because I have 0 skill in big brother games but at least you made it to f3 so that’s a plus I suppose. I can recall us becoming friends and trying to get our full avis so we could have the cool designs like all of the experienced players (I still remember that noob avatar with the pokemon hoodie that you never seem to wear anymore)  Despite me being an annoying piece of shit, you still wanted to be my best friend and we’ve had a lot of good memories together. You became an active member of the Potatoes Chat back when it was still the Potatoes 1.0 (We’re already at 6.0 already! Crazy, right?) and we were at one point known to some people as the annoying duo who wouldn’t shut up on the blogs page because they wanted to be relevant and popular. We somehow even won a hottest couple award against 10 actual couples despite the fact that we weren’t even dating ?? Anyways, I’ve been so lucky to have you as my friend for 9 months. I’m surprised you even managed to put up with me this long with my constant begging for attention for months because I was needy af and I still am. You’re such a sweetheart even though you’re an asshole sometimes and you never hesitate to make me laugh with your random and stupid jokes that you repeat multiple times. I hope like retirement homes because you’re old now and that’s where you’re gonna be spending your time soon :P You really are the best friend that a man could ever ask for (*giggles because I’m a man*) and I hope you have the best birthday ever! Eat a lot of cake for me please! I love youuuuuu <3333333
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🍚 s73100 🍚 Mar 14, 2018
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