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Someone be proud of me vote Aug 3, 2020
I lost 10 pounds this month which like isn’t a huge amount but like I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight and I’ve struggled so much with it and half the people I talk to could care less so someone be proud k ty
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HELLOvote Aug 3, 2020
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Hi Aug 2, 2020
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM 🥳🥳🥳 Jul 31, 2020
Happy Birthday s73100 !!!! Here’s some birthday messages from your friends hehehe lolxd

LittleMix -Sam! We have gotten a lot closer as of late because of dead by daylight and I am happy about it! You're a really sweet guy and I feel like I can talk to you about whatever and everything will be kept to you. You are just a really good friend and I am glad that I am getting to know you better. Happy Birthday Claudette.

Stunzer -SCHAMMY KEATING/JONES/STANDAL/ERICS PAPER TOWEL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING OF UTAH. You're one of the funniest individuals I know and you always make me laugh literally on command. Claudette can never amount to how skinny you are on a daily basis. I love you so much king and I hope you have a wonderful birthday because YOU. DESERVE. IT.
Also, I got you a cameo from your fourth favourite celebrity! https://media3.giphy.com/media/PlstJBi8lPVSPl3TzD/giphy.gif

Eilish -UGHHH Sam Standall one of my closest friends <3 Honestly the past few months we have been getting closer and closer and we have officially been best friends ever since. You are one of the most relatable, funniest, down to earth people I have ever met. I am so glad that we met through the Libz and I know that I am always able to rely and count on you for anything. You truly are one of the best people that I have ever met and I cannot wait to move to mormon Utah and live together! I hope you can eat all the chicken fries in the world ilysm <333
- Bryan St. George

Thumper91 -HAPPPY BIRTHDAY SAM BABY I hope you have the best day ever. You deserve everything good in this world you are the sweetest cutest tger. I can’t wait for our date we planned years ago. You mean so much to me no matter how much we talk now adays you will always have a special place in my heart. You are one of the most amazing humans ever ugh my heart beats for you love

Itzy -AHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM WINCHELLE!!!! you're truly one of my most favorite people that I have the pleasure of playing and chatting with and literally everything you say can make me laugh. I love your witty humor and sassy remarks when speaking with others and i'm always excited to see you on call. thank you for being a true sport about playing ARAMs with me, literally the superior gamemode on league period. have a great great great birthday!!!! <3



I love you Sam!! Thank you for being one of my best friends here, and in every game we play together we have SO much fun & a lot of laughs all around. You are such a kind, caring person & you should never change because you are AMAZING. We always have each other’s back and what’s that on? Zoe’s bubble pop pop PERIOD. Anyways, I hope u Celebrate with some marvelously amazing over-seasoned chicken and a chicken smoothie AS WELL. Maybe some chic fil a sauce in there too for an added kick, but don't tell anyone :eyes:


M_Davis1998 -HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! My very first ever 1984 winner! You are such a king. I hope you have an amazing birthday!!

Kennel123 -Happy Birthday Sam <3 Since coming back to the site this summer, you have been one of the few people I talk to every day and I’m glad I met you :). You are such a genuine, loyal and funny person and I feel like I can talk to you about anything. I can’t wait to continue to get to know you, but I hope you have an amazing day. You deserve it king!

Ari_ -Hay, Sammm! Wish u a very happy birthday, stay that awesome, with love Ari ! <3

Oh where do I begin you are one of my closest friends I met on tengaged. You were my first “son” We have been there for each other through so much. You would always listen to me vent whenever I was upset. I absolutely adore you and think that you are one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Thank you for always being such a good friend to me! I hope you have an amazing day I love you

Peace123 -HAY Sam 73 ur hands down one of the best frickin people on the tengaged dot com site and u prove that by having a July birthday. I'm soooo glad u were added to the nerd herd and ur hands down one of the NH staples, by far. You never fail to make me laugh or smile, even in my hardest times, and you've been one of my faves for a long while. We've had periods where we're super close and periods where we don't talk much but you've been one of my most steady and longest lasting friendships on here and you'll ALWAYS be my sister. You deserve the best because nobody puts out the positive vibez quite like you do. Ur birthday deserves to be celebrated harder than the anniversary of xxxtentacion's woman beating end so I hope u have so much fun planned. Thanks for being the bestest friend a girl could ask for and I hope we have so much league and valorant and roblox and other gay shit like that ahead of us . I love uuu have the best birthday  don't forget to stream Chromatica and send it to B site rain on me tsunami teas. I've prob rambled on for too long at this point so I'll just leave u with these

Paige54 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREATEST HUSBAND/WIFE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD <3 We’ve known each other for what feels like centuries. I mean, two years is practically centuries. I was lucky enough to meet you in the Nerd Herd where we got to bond over our mutual love of beluga whales and disney movies, and we talked a ton and played vivor and shit and somehow became best friends? You’ve had my back through everything and always hype me up even when I look like a fucking mess and your constant humor and overall amazingness gets me through any and all situations. I know that when we fight (which is literally like 2 times ever) we make up right away bc we’re so in sync and we just understand each other. We stan our marriage and our 900 children too. I’m so so so lucky to have found a friend as hilarious and sweet and amazing as you. Where else would I get to see the best tik toks on snap???  I hope we get to be friends for many more years, and I can’t wait to have our meetup at Disney World once this coronavirus shit is over. ILY and I hope you have a great birthday bb. Eat lots of cake with Mollie for me!!!!
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💕 boicam77 💕 Feb 22, 2019
I used to be obsessed with this website to the point where it was an unhealthy obsession. My parents took away my tengaged account and what did I do? I came back to my original account from 2014 and literally ignored every single rule that my parents gave me.

I haven't played an actual game that wasn't a charity in a while, though, besides the two stars games I played. I've been much more  productive and I've gotten my grades up since they slipped once I got back into tengaged, and I really want to keep that up.

I've been staying on here because I was going to save up for a gifting shop to gift my friends, but clearly I've been spending t$ recklessly so maybe I'll just come back and gift people in a year or so.

I've made so many friends on here and I can't thank them enough for supporting me through my worst times and we've had a lot of laughs. I got to meet my best friends s73100 bigbrotherdonny j2999 #peace123 goodkaren redfabfoxy and many more people that I wouldn't trade for the world, so I hope every keeps in contact with me on snap when i log off of Skype and Tengaged for good. I also met the love my of my life tj2807 who I can literally talk to about everything and anything, and he's literally been one of the only people in my life who's made me feel like I'm actually worth something, so despite all of the bad things that have happened on tengaged, I've made a lot of good friends I hope to never lose.

This seemed like a good time to quit Tengaged. With new moderation that hasn't been working how it should've been, and the quality of the people on here getting worse, it seems like the right thing to do so I can focus on the real world instead of toxic people. Nothing against the moderators as people, really. I liked both of them before new moderation came in, especially Carolyn bc shes my fellow Wisconsinite queen. But whoever is making these bad choices on admin needs to fix it or they're going to be the downfall of the site.

My snapchat is live:paige5459 if anyone actually wants to stay in contact with me outside of tengaged and Skype. I hope things are better irl and on tengaged if I come back a while from now.

Tagging some people that may or may not care if I'm gone but lolxd:
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💕eliortiz1234💕 Feb 5, 2019
It's been brought to my attention that the whole Paige is a man meme is being taken seriously and I would like to clarify that I am A REAL GIRL if you didn't know this already.

Tagging people who have seen what I look like, been on call with me, or both just to back me up in case some losers don't believe me:
M_Davis1998 got to hear my womanly singing lol
MisterPredaa i think we were on a stars call?

And many more
ty for your time
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