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2ndApr 28, 2017 by PMMGuy
I was thinking to make a new section of Tengaged like Shops, Frats, Games called 'Leaderboard' where all microgames from Survivor would be and you can compete with others that play, there would be a 'Top 10' where the top 10 best scores will be displayed, also "My best score' and 'My top score for the month'. I think we should add this to Tengaged, helping people get better at Challenges.

I'd say if you beat one of the Top 10 people, you could get a reward (T$) maybe around 50 - 100T$.

iamremedy helped with this idea.


Sent by Carlo_Costly,Apr 28, 2017
im for it
Sent by iYBF,Apr 28, 2017
id love to display my skillz
Sent by jdog,Apr 28, 2017
yall are making tg into zw00per
Sent by Hisoka,Apr 28, 2017
Sent by ManniBoi,Apr 28, 2017
Hisoka I didn't notice :s I feel this idea is still good for tg though.
Sent by PMMGuy,Apr 28, 2017
Sent by Stupendous,Apr 28, 2017
Sent by Roshy,Apr 28, 2017
This is exactly from swooper so no. You want thar, go to that site! And rando isnt always going to be around. This idea will just be one more thing for ppl to cheat on once they see a clearjng
Sent by Piddu,Apr 28, 2017
Yes this would be awesome. Along with making the micro games available on phone. Then you can easily practice
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Apr 28, 2017
Sent by mrcool,Apr 28, 2017
Sent by RobiLee,Apr 28, 2017
this is so good
Sent by YasGaga,Apr 28, 2017
And whoever has the most wins in each game :)
Sent by Harry1210,Apr 28, 2017
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Apr 28, 2017

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