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1stApr 14, 2017 by PMMGuy
imageThis may be a dumb idea, and I know it's not important but it may improve how shops run and how people can run shops.. randomize you could separate shops into what type they are, like people usually have a competing shop and gifting shop, gifting shops have 5 people gift 5 people chosen by the shop owner, and competing is obviously you selling designs and trying to move on the the next week.

What I mean by separating is like after you get the shop, and when you wanna post a design in your shop, you can choose to compete so anyone can buy or gift anyone, and gift which they put 5 names down and select any price, and those 5 people only get the gift after someone gifts them, so people like #taybear17 don't just watch shops for hours trying to steal something there didn't work for at all.


Omg yasss agreedx
Sent by grav3yardgirl,Apr 14, 2017
Nah don't like it. It's not even 'stealing'. Spammers may not want to hear this, but shops are public and should remain that way.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Apr 14, 2017
yess queen great idea
Sent by Carlo_Costly,Apr 14, 2017
PrincessTeePee True, I understand that people can steal or buy if they want. But this idea is more to make it fun for people.
Sent by PMMGuy,Apr 14, 2017
The trouble is, the stock in competing shops is usually too expensive for the average joe. I know it's competition... but imagine being a newb. You're waiting a while either way, saving the T$, or making good enough friends to gift you. It's fine as it is. It's buying not 'stealing' :p
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Apr 14, 2017
PrincessTeePee its unfair if people steal from your shop when you owe ppl for bidding and ppl deserve to receive the gifts their are earned so you're completely wrong hun
Sent by grav3yardgirl,Apr 14, 2017
For me who goes for shops all the time and work my ass for it and then get a "steal" I love this idea :)
Sent by Vanili,Apr 14, 2017
grav3yardgirl 1, it's not stealing
2, while I sympathise, it's not the be all and end all, you can easily get another shop and try to right the wrongs. But they're public for a good reason - you'd honestly resent it if a new person got lucky one day, got a cheap, affordable design they liked and wore it? Because I wouldn't. I've had gifts emintended for me bought by others before now which was fine.

Don't tell me I'm wrong, I've been against the idea of gifting the same friends over and over for 7 years. It's unfair on others who may want designs.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Apr 14, 2017
Sent by Almonds,Apr 14, 2017
Yes this is a great idea
Sent by cswaggerr,Apr 14, 2017
i didn't read this but i hate u so ur idea must be bad -14
Sent by FighterMan,Apr 14, 2017
Sent by sandym89,Apr 14, 2017
Sent by Krisstea,Apr 14, 2017
Taybear is a cunt with no life
Sent by Bluejay7622,Apr 14, 2017
Sent by ZooWap,Apr 14, 2017
i dont watch shops for hours, people leak to me, nice try fag
Sent by TayBear17,Apr 14, 2017
gifting shops were never supposed to be a thing
Sent by Katherinee_,Apr 14, 2017
The people who steal are the same 5 users. They already have a ton of designs. So you would rather  halloween steal another design than a shop owner gifting there friend? The people who gift the same 5 people are usually the people who compete not the first time shop owners! If it was seperated stealers would be able to steal from the 3 competing shops during an easy week still but not from new shop owners
Sent by unkown,Apr 14, 2017
unkown I mean page monitors need to GO! But yes, I'd rather see someone get genuinely lucky, than a shipowner gift all the same friends ngl.

And it's not stealing, it's buying. I'd do it
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Apr 14, 2017
i think this is a fabulous idea :) shops definitely needs more organization
Sent by k4r4k,Apr 14, 2017
I agree with PrincessTeePee Not a good idea in my mind.
Sent by Ari_,Apr 14, 2017
Sent by Manson,Apr 14, 2017
I like this idea. People can gift ALL their friends, and it'll give the stealers their lives back. Win freaking win.
Sent by ASupreme,Apr 14, 2017
that is a great idea
Sent by lexibear,Apr 14, 2017
if randomize makes any changes to shops he first needs to separate auctions and shops by removing the discount feature and make them 2 separate things...That would allow for more competition in shops as well as allow new designers and the like to use auctions...It would be a better overall experience...Plus it would really help if there was a run shop that was open all week with set prices and exclusive tengaged designs...
Sent by NexusCain,Apr 14, 2017
I think having separate shops based on a type of design would also be useful. I feel like we'd have a range of shop/shop owners and stock
Sent by Anas,Apr 14, 2017
Completely agree with eradicating the discount feature entirely! nexuscain
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Apr 14, 2017
PrincessTeePee auctions went from where you could get different designs to basically just a T laundering scheme under the current system...
Sent by NexusCain,Apr 14, 2017
I already mailed carlos this idea before you posted this
Stop reading my mind PMMGuy
Sent by Roxas546,Apr 14, 2017
Sent by daleariel,Apr 14, 2017
for the shop owners who max out their stock to the highest price, i think people stealing some 1T designs is fair balance
Sent by Zuelke,Apr 15, 2017
Fuck Taybear!
Sent by Pookiie,Apr 15, 2017

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