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2ndFeb 3, 2017 by PMMGuy
Sweetie I love that you are a huge fan of mine, but don't spread lies about me to other friends of mine, then act like we are friends when we are clearly not, well you are 1 person I am glad to block, bye :*



Sent by Plastic,Feb 3, 2017
Sent by Manson,Feb 3, 2017
a fan of you? i literally dropped you from my friendslist like a sack of shit and havent spoken to you ONCE since yesterday LOOOOL, try again
Sent by Lalisa,Feb 3, 2017
poor you, having to plus on your multis to get a top blog LMAO.
you're so pathetic, slash your wrists and bleed out.
Sent by Lalisa,Feb 3, 2017
Lalisa I wouldn't want my name on your friends list, you are embarrassing to be seen with or even associated with, and your cringy comebacks really make you look like an even worse person, sad tho I was your only real friend, but as I said bye :)
Sent by Nanette13,Feb 3, 2017
he doesnt deserve u as a friend
Sent by Carlo_Costly,Feb 3, 2017
pmmguy "cringy comebacks", they're not comebacks when they FACT babe, maybe 9th grade needs to teach retards like you better? you think we were friends which is hilarious bc there was no CONNECTION LMAO, I have TRUE friends on here that have had my back for YEARS LOOOL, try again child. also love that you had to comment on your multi bc like I said, you have no life.
Sent by Lalisa,Feb 3, 2017
Thanks, I'm loving the fact that none of your friends never stand up for you, and you call them close? I don't think so and you are probably too delusional to think so.. But the truth is nobody likes you enough to tell you the truth about how annoying you are, at least I was a good friend to tell you now, no problem! :)
and thanks Plastic!!
Sent by PMMGuy,Feb 3, 2017
+15 drag em
Sent by Roshy,Feb 3, 2017
I don't need my friends to stand up for me, I fight my OWN BATTLES unlike YOU LOL, having to spam and use multis to get a top blog. SAD LIFE you're living kid. Plus, you were the only person I was so happy to constantly ignore on skype, bc you'd yap about having to play with your cousins or how you liked spanish guys and thought asians in general were ugly. Noone likes a racist, immature brat.
Sent by Lalisa,Feb 3, 2017
41 votes, 147 points
Sent by Lalisa,Feb 3, 2017
Oh are you still going on? and you are not doing a great job at your own "battles" but you do you hunny, I will just sit here with the most of tengaged laughing at you :P
You are a joke, please reconsider your 18 year old, "female" life that watches shops all day for pixel steals! :)
Good luck I hope the future gets better for you!
Sent by PMMGuy,Feb 3, 2017
everyone knows I'm MALE, and I don't ever stalk shops, don't get it twisted. i dont have to fill tribes with multis to merge HAHAHHAHA unlike you and i dont have to fill castings with multis to win unlike you, so continue being the delusional child you are hahaha
Sent by Lalisa,Feb 3, 2017
Dead at the multis plussing for a top blog
Sent by Mitchkid64,Feb 3, 2017
opps, I was just mistaken by the info you told me about your past account and avi, my bad but unlike you, I know what racist means because I have an education, sad that you at your age is still on this site ;s
also use a dictionary to see what "delusional" means, I don't like talking to people that obviously don't know what they are talking about :)
Sent by PMMGuy,Feb 3, 2017
I'm 17 years old?????????? LOL are you mentally ok? there are people that are 30+ on this website dumbass. you were racist bc you completely desexualised an entire race of people, check yourself bitch. you're very delusional if you think tengaged is on your side for any argument you have, know that.
Sent by Lalisa,Feb 3, 2017
If you call not being attracted to a race racist, please for your own sake and embarrassment check a definition, I'm not here to constantly teach you when you should had got that when you went to school, and I'm just being plain honest :)
But I'm fine, you are obviously not, please get professional help ;3
Sent by PMMGuy,Feb 3, 2017
You're literally an idiot lmao, why do I bother with 12 year olds that don't know anything? Apparently I need help but you're the depressed one that online dates HAHAHHAHAHA
Sent by Lalisa,Feb 3, 2017
lalisa i love you! I hate the faggot PMM
Sent by riseuplotus,Feb 3, 2017
It's also quite hypocritical of you to call @Lailsa annoying when you literally stay on at 0 minutes and just spam casting games with Britney Spears videos or your name and cause the web browser to crash. You're a really annoying faggot PMMGuy
U should've changed your name to PMMGAY
Sent by riseuplotus,Feb 3, 2017
Sent by riseuplotus,Feb 3, 2017
Sent by s73100,Feb 3, 2017
WOOOOOOOOAH well said well said
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Feb 3, 2017
Lalisa Yeah go take your childish insults somewhere else, like maybe off tg? :)
I'm sure everyone else will be happy if that happens, because you do not know what you're talking about half of the time, and its sad tbh ;3
But anyways I think its time to stop trying, don't you think that too? bye
Sent by PMMGuy,Feb 3, 2017
Why do people feel liienthey have to result to insults and badgeing this site sometimes forgets there is real people on thd other side :(
Sent by Lawblondie,Feb 3, 2017
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,Feb 4, 2017
Sent by Geromyst,Feb 4, 2017

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