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Jun 11, 2017
I will name someone with an ugly personality.
20 - Brayden_
40 - Taybear17
60 - ItsAlexia
80 - cococolin122
!!100!! - Halloween
120 - Johneh
140 - Conjow, I like him but sometimes I just don't understand him..
160 - HawaiianBruh
180 - Badboyy2699
!!200!! - Babeeeidah
220 - Funnehliner
240 - smuguy2012
260 - Allison
280 - McBenjamin
!!300!! - born2pizza
320 - carlo_costly
340 - scratte
360 - Druhhbby2
380 - vansreborn
!!400!! - fishingguy22
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Jun 1, 2017
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May 8, 2017
about the multis?! randomize
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Apr 28, 2017
I was thinking to make a new section of Tengaged like Shops, Frats, Games called 'Leaderboard' where all microgames from Survivor would be and you can compete with others that play, there would be a 'Top 10' where the top 10 best scores will be displayed, also "My best score' and 'My top score for the month'. I think we should add this to Tengaged, helping people get better at Challenges.

I'd say if you beat one of the Top 10 people, you could get a reward (T$) maybe around 50 - 100T$.

iamremedy helped with this idea.
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Apr 15, 2017
This will be my last shop for this account, I will be banned one way or another. But before randomize came back I was going for a shop, it's not worth it for me but I do not wanna waste all the spamming and bonus I already have.

So I will be giving 3 gifts to people that plus (+) these 3 designs and comment 'Plussed'..
The 3 people will be announced shortly after the blog expires..
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Apr 14, 2017
This may be a dumb idea, and I know it's not important but it may improve how shops run and how people can run shops.. randomize you could separate shops into what type they are, like people usually have a competing shop and gifting shop, gifting shops have 5 people gift 5 people chosen by the shop owner, and competing is obviously you selling designs and trying to move on the the next week.

What I mean by separating is like after you get the shop, and when you wanna post a design in your shop, you can choose to compete so anyone can buy or gift anyone, and gift which they put 5 names down and select any price, and those 5 people only get the gift after someone gifts them, so people like #taybear17 don't just watch shops for hours trying to steal something there didn't work for at all.
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