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  1. Some of y’all
  2. I am so fucking tired
  3. This site is not that serious
  4. Can every single old person
  5. Why were the other reindeer
  6. Last Christmas was playing on the radio
  7. Lowkey I don’t mind small dicks
  8. Peppa Pig is an ugly cunt
  9. Y’all ever hook up with an older man
  10. The only good thing about Star Wars
  11. All Star Wars movies are the same
  12. I didn’t mean to do it
  13. So the Tengaged Movie Awards
  14. Cheaters is quality educational television
  15. Who do the Chinese think they are
  16. I truly never understood
  17. In defense of TaraG
  18. It truly is unnerving
  19. Things that happened tonight
  20. That Awkward Moment
  21. Shandi calling her boyfriend
  22. I’m going to end Trump’s racism
  23. The Godfather is overrated
  24. Which of the 10 DSM-V personality disorders
  25. Kiss me deep with tongue
  27. My most controversial ANTM opinion
  28. Me irl
  29. Some of y'all
  30. Tengagers blogging about
  31. Have you ever known a psychopath
  32. There was a 50-something man at my restaurant
  33. If y’all cared about my mental health
  34. Mary Tyler Moore
  35. If y'all are so charitable
  36. I really hope Emilia Clarke
  37. My boss is an emotional terrorist
  38. The Chicago Film Critics Association
  40. So my work day ended

Me irl

Nov 28, 2019 by Olympia
whenever Nalia posts some hateful doo doo shit

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