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  1. SNL is for bougie white people
  2. If you wanna go and take a ride with me
  3. Frotting is my favorite sex position
  4. I just want
  5. Therapy is very useful
  6. Unless their same sex child is truly awful
  7. I swear
  8. Either report TaraG to the proper authorities
  9. Find you a man
  10. Just read about white people on Wikipedia
  11. I truly cannot wait
  13. OH MY GOD
  14. Me irl
  15. Thanksgiving is a sham holiday
  16. I honestly hate cis straight women
  17. My gender dysphoria kicking in
  18. You literally have sex with rabies infected dogs
  19. Windy Welliams
  20. I just saw Honey Boy
  21. I’ve never had
  22. Blue eyes privilege is real
  23. I don’t care
  24. There is something so inherently funny
  25. It really speaks volumes
  26. I would only ever start smoking cigarettes
  27. Some of y’all
  28. Officially retiring my black female avi FOREVER
  29. This will forever be iconic
  30. I swear liberal white people
  31. There’s something very erotic
  32. Remember when Antoine Dodson
  33. Love made me believe in abortion
  34. I just read a news story
  35. I’m not always there when you call
  36. So TaraG
  37. Accurate depiction
  38. I don’t want an abortion
  39. I’ve seen Parasite in theaters 3 times
  40. Y'all ever play with yourselves?

When people comment on blogs all

1stOct 29, 2019 by Olympia
image“You don’t know me” or “we don’t know each other well but you can reach out to me any time” does anyone ever actually reach out to someone on Tengaged they barely know?


no im not pathetic!
Sent by LovelyKiss,Oct 29, 2019
you are the funniest person on the blogs page i will reach out to u tomorrow
Sent by maturo,Oct 29, 2019
ummm yeah! i tots met so many cool poeople :P
and now we are meeting in 3 weeks
look they are getting smaller
its no more words
omg sad :(
bye world
Sent by Batya,Oct 29, 2019
I gotta talk to you for like 4 years and then I'll open up
Sent by HighNoon,Oct 29, 2019
People like Delete2544 do because he's a saddo.
Sent by Chic,Oct 29, 2019
very saddo.
Sent by Delete2544,Oct 29, 2019
Whenever I've come on tg for advice ive been lucky that people I literally don't know will mail ,e or give me their skype to help discuss stuff, so I just pass it forward and comment the same occasionally.
Sent by Anas,Oct 29, 2019
Awww I would if someone is really going through it & need someone to talk to :)
Sent by Alyssa95,Oct 29, 2019
I’ve met quite a few people on blogs tbh
People like kindred7 comment cute things olympia
Sent by Yonaka,Oct 29, 2019
Yonaka omg yeah it feels like we met so long ago but it must’ve been really recent and you’re awesome <333
Sent by Kindred7,Oct 29, 2019
honestly no

fuck i look like traipsing up into someones TG mails to be kept at an arm's length from the main clique they have on here already tbh
Sent by mastropola,Oct 29, 2019

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