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  1. Explain To Your Therapist
  2. Oh LORD mama
  3. Explaining Tengaged to your therapist
  4. Why is EVERYONE gay now
  5. If you picked the first aid kit over the chips
  6. I swear to GOD
  7. I know this little girl her name is Maxine
  8. Why is it that
  9. Honestly what’s it like
  10. Female privilege is real
  11. I'm in the hall Regina
  12. *puts on my gagaluv red janey*
  13. So is Stars just not intense anymore
  15. Love her or hate her
  16. Can someone PLEASE tell me
  17. does anyone have
  18. Knock Knock
  19. Is it safe to fart
  20. What TIME is Stars enrollment tomorrow?
  21. When a guy who made fun of you in HS
  22. What are you?
  23. I just saw Joker (thoughts)
  24. What color level is stars at now
  25. Minie might be a terrible person
  26. In Arthur’s defense
  27. I just joined Hunger for the first time
  28. Not to be slut shaming
  29. Karen Carpenter didn’t die of anorexia
  30. I’m the Harriet Tubman of incest
  31. This really hot otter
  32. Suggestion for people who like sports
  33. What is it with gays
  34. Never forget
  35. If I start writing now
  36. I can’t be racist or sexist
  37. My dad and I have an open relationship
  38. This morning I hooked up with a guy
  39. My standards for friendship aren’t steep
  40. I can’t wait

I just entered my first game

Jun 11, 2018 by Olympia
imagein over a year

what have I gotten myself into

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