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  1. Can we just take a minute
  2. You know you’re getting old
  3. The only genocide I support
  4. How you gonna fuck me
  5. Imagine a Game of Thrones style show
  6. Bird Box has more staying power than The Hunger..
  7. I can't breathe
  8. Nobody cares about Ashanti no more
  9. Paige is such an ugly ass name
  10. Why should I care about the Notre Dame?
  12. Handbanana, I want you to meet The Enforcer.
  13. I really can't believe
  14. Rami Malek winning an Oscar
  15. Did the romance between
  16. I still can’t believe
  18. Remember when Leilene
  19. If you don’t read
  20. I can’t believe
  21. Ariana Grande has gay sex with her brother Frankie
  22. Four white lizards feast on my cunt
  23. That Suspiria remake
  24. When your psychotic extended family
  25. Really pathetic how
  26. Now that Tengaged
  27. boneworks top blog
  28. Every time
  29. The Sopranos
  30. Oh eat my pussy
  31. I just entered my first game
  32. Your name racist
  33. Can you say the f word on here
  34. Y'all know what season it is
  35. I think Beyonce want me dead
  36. Why do some celebrities have rotten teeth
  37. Not 2 brag
  38. How much money y'all raised
  39. I swear to Jesus, Mary and Joseph of Arimathea
  40. Laurel Bootyholemouth Johnson

I swear to Jesus, Mary and Joseph of Arimathea

Apr 22, 2018 by Olympia
imageif y'all don't start a fundraiser to get Keira Knightley some new ass teefs in the next 5 minutes I'm gonna jump

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