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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I’m sorry

1stNov 22, 2023 by Olympia
Fendimania but your aura just does NOT serve cunt to me. Dating double digits of Tengagers? Girl. True CUNT has to flow from within. And frankly you’re a tryhard.

Thankfully not all hope is lost. ANYONE can serve cunt with enough time and practice. I’m certain that if you discipline yourself and set realistic goals, you too will one day have an aura that serves cunt.


oh hell no i had to delete his ghetto ass comment on my blog. i may have to filter
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Nov 22, 2023
Know your place bitch
Sent by Fendimania,Nov 22, 2023
Sent by _Aria,Nov 22, 2023
oh you bodied that wannabe
Sent by ohhayy,Nov 22, 2023
I feel lucky to be born with a cunt serving aura.
Sent by zachbbs,Nov 22, 2023
this blog tore omfg
Sent by SugarLove,Nov 22, 2023
You ate him up I fear
Sent by AmandaBynes,Nov 23, 2023
Sent by rory17,Nov 23, 2023
I’m sorry
Sent by Opulence,Nov 23, 2023

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