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  1. Alright im basically off now
  2. why yall arguing over stars :(
  3. Just finish second set of finals
  4. I have something to tell you TG...
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  31. official graduatin 17th July ooooooooh
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13thJan 14, 2018 by Oliviaxoxo
image Brenla

As some of you may remember, i used to be really good friends with brendan ever since noob days and he hasn't been around much. That is because he is now married. Married to Donald Trump. Yes in fact brenla has never been a HE. "He" has always been a Melania. He used to claim to be a 20 year old guy but in fact he is actually a 47 year old woman married to a Cheese Cheeto. He/She has 5 kids and would always try to set me up with Eric despite him being a bit older than me.

It's been difficult to keep this a secret but now he/she has had to leave due to more important issues like helping her husband run the country i feel i can finally let this secret out. Sorry to all that have been lied to.

Tagging people who may care...

@All the gals he/she talked to


Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jan 14, 2018
At least she鈥檚 rich now :)
Sent by Philip13,Jan 14, 2018
LOL WOW LIV throwing him right under that bus ;) I always thought his voice sounded kinda feminine. Miss ya Brenda <3
Sent by Tyler93,Jan 14, 2018
I always knew he had a good body
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Jan 14, 2018
Sent by BengalBoy,Jan 14, 2018

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