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  1. Alright im basically off now
  2. why yall arguing over stars :(
  3. Just finish second set of finals
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  25. ⭐️THANK U 64.9% literally shocked ⭐️
  27. THANK YOU 53.7% You guys keeping me alive in there..
  28. THANK YOU 59.2%
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  31. official graduatin 17th July ooooooooh
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  34. I LOVE YOU
  35. I won twice booooyaahh
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  37. LOL ded at this jumper
  38. lol yesterday i was a bit of a tit
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  40. Top 10 of my icons 2017

⭐️THANK U 64.9% literally shocked ⭐️

3rdDec 27, 2017 by Oliviaxoxo

Hi Tengaged,

Today instead of boring u about the game i decided to go through each of the players for you:
Parental guidance though - Savage Content....

- Me and Matt were the only one's left trying to make a move against the strong alliance led by GentlemanG and Point

- Their noms for 12th were originally amf/Padfoot, instead of sheeping them I went to Andy and Jacob offering to force a 6v6 against the unbreakable majority

- Instead of that, amf and Padfoot decided to SNITCH TO THE PEOPLE NOMINATING THEM and renom me, just to go ONE DAY further without being nominated. The fact he claimed he's playing one of the best games in his speech is absurd since the rest are happy to volunteer for single digit placements for Ray and Tyler

- Andy and Jacob sealed all of our fates.

- They will probably keep nominating the survivor against the bottom bitch of their alliance, but no matter what I will keep sniffing for any cracks to turn the game around

P.S. gonna attempt to Vlog later so watch this SPACE XXX

Thank you AGAIN for the support but please dont let it stop now and save me by pressing GiGi10's button ere --->

ILY GIGI10 gl boy <3 #Almands


Sent by peace123,Dec 27, 2017
GL bby <3
Sent by GiGi10,Dec 27, 2017
Padfoot lame
Andy disappointing aw :/
Sent by Roshy,Dec 27, 2017
Sent by s73100,Dec 27, 2017
To clarify, I did not say I was playing the best game, I said some OTHER players said I was playing ONE of the best games, which they did and it is right there in the house chat for all to see.

Also, to clarify, when the set of me/Padfoot for 12th is led by people on your side of the house, it doesn't make people want to vote with them.
Sent by amf7410,Dec 27, 2017
I knew two dc's in a row was too good to be true ;p GL GL GL!!! :)
Sent by Tyler93,Dec 27, 2017
I literally have showed you the logs where ray wanted to nominate you and padfoot, and risked my own ass to turn the game instead of nomming you to go one dc further. are you joking or did they manipulate you into thinking that? LOL

Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Dec 27, 2017
aww saved you
whos in the pic btw he reminds me a lot of lacrosseallstar is that him?
Sent by sihz,Dec 27, 2017
are you joking or did they manipulate you into thinking that? LOL
Sent by Irelia,Dec 28, 2017
Sent by Mario23,Dec 28, 2017

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