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pyn for a small onion & opinion

4thDec 18, 2017 by Oliviaxoxo
will try update all, really bored x
#Wade03 i dont think we've had a proper convo but seen you around and youre friends with few people i know, i think! youre someone id like to talk more to though, like legit youre on that list.

#mathboy9 youre really sweet, we dont talk often but every encounter ive had with you ive always thought you were really nice *highfive*

#KateN7766 i've never seen you until tonight when you spammed me LOL but you had a nice message and you said thank you for my plus so youre polite :P

#Maybelline i know that you get a lot of hate recently? I dont follow why tbh but i like you, youve never given me a personal reason to not like you so i hope i can join your charity to get chance to know you better :)

#Allison fine if i really must ill give you an onion *rolls eyes*. I really like you, we talked a bit over the summer but havent really since then! your iconic for Tbrother and what you and Karim have done is pretty impressive! Hope you do season 3 soon?! yorue good fun and nice to basically everyone unless they've given you a reason not to be :p

#Bowkane wow we've known each other for a long long time! I know we had a bumpy relationship in the past but we had a survivor recently and im really glad we were together because it was nice to talk to you again :) I hope life is going well for you and I'd love to reconnect properly if you would! xx

#Batya more like BatNA. lol you give banter and i like that! i dont think we've had a proper convo accept that time on blogs when we were rude to each other :p i feel you have similar sense of humour to me and that we could get along really well and become good pals who go for coffee with vodka xoxo

#Hisoka #soka youre a good lookin young lad and a friendly one of those too! we dont talk often though unfortunately! x

#M7md26 i hope i got that right lol! old frand, i love talking to you in mails on occasion, especially when we can relate and nerd out on medicine hehehe. you're really fun and a good friend and i hope your course is goin well!

#Dwipeouts i dont know you im afraid! :( happy to start talking if u ever want a chat though!

#Goodkaren one of the most underrated peoples everrrrrr! if u join stars you would be a definite potential winner. You're lovely, stay out of drama and talk to anyone. one hell of a queen and i wish we were closer! iconic for your 11:11 make a wish blogs and cat emoji :p

#xxLoveWakizaxx QUEEN i think i met you in a frookies (lol obvs) ageeeees ago and although we arent really close friends, i really like you from a distance and enjoy working with you whenever we are in the same games

#Kaylabby you're really pretty and seem like a really nice girl who doesnt take shit from anyone! you're really liked on here and youre someone also on my list that i would like to get to know better :)

#Brandt69 sweetheart! occasionally talk on blogs and you always seem sweet! we should talk more! x

Thumper91 You're really chilled and fun. i remember going on call with you once agessss ago with Jayelvee and i remember finding your laugh hilarious! youre so loved on here and still are which is good to see :)

Eliotwhi gross wtf why you commenting here. i think youre annoying and an embarrassment for rest of us brits on ere. Lav u fella, love our banta, youre that annoying brother that i never had and loyal af to me even when we dont talk everyday <3

Arris ive known you since you were a noob! we used to talk so much and even though we dont now,  istill feel really close to you, maybe cos ive seen you grow up and become a high level! Your blogs about boners though smh

KatherinePierce you sound so classy with this username. We aren't close but we have talked before and i like you! Would like to get to know you better

Michellewilliams dwi yn gwneud hwn yn Gymraeg i ti :P Dwi cofio ffeindio allan bo chdi yn Gymro a gwirioni bod yna rhywun arall i sharad cymraeg yma! ti mor ciwt, a ar TBB odda ti mor dda, tin good lookin a mor lovely a swni lyfio dod agosach efo ti a ella meetio fyny! Nadolig Llawen :) x

EliseRose i think youre a really cool chick, you dont give a shit and will stand up for yourself.You seem like a loyal person to your friends but i dont think we have ever talked much if at all but i have a feeling you would find me annoying LOL

Ity990 youre nice to me from what i remember but we dont talk THAT much!

rellizuraddixion seen you around but havent really talked! you seem cute though

Thirteen I have no bad words to say about you! I love the quirkiness you bring to blogs but you're actually really nice and easy to talk to one on one. Look forward to talking to you more in the future.

Path which path to i take to be able to talk to you once more

Tennisplayer963 i frigging love you! youre such a nice guy and although we dont talk often i feel like we are good friends. I saw your blog earlier about anxiety and if you ever need someone to talk to please mail me. I used to be bad with anxiety few years ago so i understand how difficult it may be for you atm <3

Levvy my lil noooby friend youre cute and i think you could become a big thing on here! enjoyed that game online with you LOL

Mikec51 alrite suga tits? my boyfrand love u babe u make me feel so gurd its nice to see you back again i missed you! u make me laugh get on skype more xxx

saltycracker i dont know you but i like to lick salty crackers

Brayden_ not sure if you like me or not but i like bantering more recently. i think youre quite sarcastic? which i like

Paige5459 i think youre a good person and come across as really nice! We havent had much chance to talk one on one though so that would be good :) i feel you might care a bit about poularity on here? idk though thats just an observation for which i say dont worry what people think just do u its no biggy! xx

Mickiejames22 known for ur charlie day blogs i dont think anyone has anything bad to say about you! i think we used to be in the same frat or something too but havent talked in a whiel1

bengalboy we've become closer pals over past few months. I've always found your blogs hilarious but its been nice getting to know you more. Youre a really nice guy and youll talk to anyone. You're just proper sound and chilled but really clever too, like your score in scrabble, wtf was that. thumbs up from me init.

Memphis_Grizzlies ill always have your back whenever i see you getting shit on blogs lol! idk if u do start it or not but tbh i dont care i love u as a friend so will always have your back. Youre so lovely and fun to be around and i do think about u as a good friend top lad

USEAMINT MISS YOU!!!! i miss the older days and remember that call we all went on?! those were the best times on this site!!!! i know life is busy for you and i hope its all going well! great sense of humour and a cutie love u minty

Iamremedy new pal through love of rugby LOL glad i randomly posted on your blog and been enjoying talking through mails youre really nice guy, probs underrated on this site id say!

KbeastW u know my opinion: 90% hate, 9.53% love. one of mi closest pals on here tbh can talk to u about literally anything like macaroni cheese and idk, birds or something. cant imagine not having our huge ass convos. ure an alright guy tbf to u most of the time, cant wait for promised ride. Love hate you man <3

GHRocky100 Lovely guy! brilliant skype game host, very tolerant with how we were last time sorry for that :P your games are really fun even though i think my questions were RIGGED last time but i defo was laughing plenty.

MalAcHiTe05 i miss that we used to talk more than we do at the moment but life gets busy for both of us. Your blogs used to make me laugh and youre really random like meeeeeee. you're a really chilled nice guy and im glad our game curse has broken ohhh yeeeee i wonnnn wooooooo. loves <3

JesseM you been here long time girl i remember you when i was a nooby noob and you betting on everyone haha how many ts have you lost i wonder! :P youre nice to me havent seen you around as much lately though!

LowKI sweetheart! ive been lowki noticing you on the site for a while so when you joined the frat frat aka best frat on TG, its been lovely getting to know you and in games too! youre really easy to talk to and just genuinely a nice person

Pizzawithcookirs i remember thinking you were really fun to talk to but we never really talk anymore!

Smoothstalker12 HATE jkin cant believe we got to meet this year it was the worst part of my year. one of mi closest friends, youre hilarious but also very kind. Im glad people have now realised your sense of humour and that youre a good friend and its been nice seeing you become more confident and have more and more friends on ere. Love you <3

Justme youre like the mam of TG. we always say we should talk more :P youre always really nice to me and you seem like good fun! would love to get to know you better :)

MuSiC LAF U BROTHA. HUSBAN MATERIAAAAL. u r one of mi bezzies ure a weirdo but ure my weirdo loyal af fun af, i remember lewisc tellin me about u when i was a noob and i thought u were really cooooooool being a tv star and an oldie on here and now ure like my boo <3


----ok opportunity closed sorry------
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I spat my drink at this "
Eliotwhi gross wtf why you commenting here. i think youre annoying and an embarrassment for rest of us brits on ere" FAT BETCH!
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Me xo even though I don't know you
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ahhh ti yw'r in ciwt! Diolch lyfli. A nadolig llawen i ti fyd
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