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  1. Brayden is actually dating a guy named
  2. so happy for Pat
  3. so glad new england are having a come back rn
  4. Back in my day
  5. when you got loads of stuff to do
  6. is the O in Opossum
  7. T/B to slayin survivor as per usual
  8. PYN
  9. Omg my nan is THE most adorable person ever
  10. mini rant
  11. ***Update on Brenla***
  12. Someone on the blogs page rn
  14. Winner of Stars 476...
  15. PYN for stars shout out
  16. 馃摴猸愶笍Final 3 of Stars 476 Vlog!!!!猸愶笍馃摴
  17. Please Read <3 Nommed for 4th x
  18. Me when I see I'm not on the block
  20. Me attempting to make frands/allies
  21. **NOMMED FOR 8TH**
  22. 鈽冿笍*IRL VIDEO OF THE* 鈽冿笍
  23. 猸愶笍THANK U 64.9% literally shocked 猸愶笍
  25. THANK YOU 53.7% You guys keeping me alive in there..
  26. THANK YOU 59.2%
  27. thank you 53.6%!!!! <3 <3 <3
  28. Me when
  29. official graduatin 17th July ooooooooh
  30. 馃馃悜馃惓**Welsh Tengaged Awards..
  31. pyn for a small onion & opinion
  32. I LOVE YOU
  33. I won twice booooyaahh
  34. Finished for spring break wooooo
  35. LOL ded at this jumper
  36. lol yesterday i was a bit of a tit
  37. im sure titoburitto
  38. Top 10 of my icons 2017
  39. My Rookies record
  40. Excuse me

I won twice booooyaahh

11thDec 15, 2017 by Oliviaxoxo
#Olivia simply owned.
Joey96 got pwnd. Ya rly!
The fail was strong in Bengalboy.
Sihz sucked balls like there's no tomorrow.
Even my grandmother would beat levvy.

and bigupboy


how come u didnt tag the others
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 15, 2017
think ur forgetting someone liv :/
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 15, 2017
LOL i literally had pull a fast one on levvy to not get last, it was iconic.
Sent by sihz,Dec 15, 2017
idk joey's username lol who am i forgettin?! bengalboy
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Dec 15, 2017
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 15, 2017
Excuse me you didnt tag me
Sent by joey96,Dec 15, 2017
idk what u mean ;) joey96
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Dec 15, 2017
i was doing really good until i flopped and dies 5 times
Sent by levvy,Dec 15, 2017
So good
Sent by Tyler93,Dec 15, 2017
Sihz sucked balls like there's no tomorrow.

nothing new..
Sent by IceBeast,Dec 16, 2017
i love u so much bigupboy kisses, mwah!
Sent by Bridgette77,Dec 16, 2017

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