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Question about Donald Trump rally's?

Sep 30, 2018 by Obstreperous
I want to attend the rally on October 6th in Topeka, Kansas but I have a few questions. So for anyone that's maybe ever attended a rally before from Tengaged, maybe you can help?

First off, I don't understand the ticket process.

So you go to the website, put in a phone number and they text you a confirmation thing right? I did that but I don't understand what else to do? It gave me a ticket number but how do you prove you have the ticket when you actually show up? Do you have to show it to them on your phone when you get there? That won't work for me because I don't get internet on my phone. So I just don't understand how I would go there and prove my ticket?

Second I don't know if it's too late?

Apparently tickets started selling 4 days ago and the rally is in 6 days. I read articles that said they sell more tickets then what the arena can hold sometimes so I wouldn't want to show up and have it be full/sold-out drive out for nothing.

Third, when do I show up?

It says doors open at 3:30pm but it doesn't start until 6.30pm? So do I show up right at 3.30? Then that's waiting around for 3 hours doing nothing. Can I show up around 5.30 instead? Or will it be so busy that I should show up even earlier than 3.30? If so, what do I do while I wait for hours?

Fourth and finally, how safe is it?

I already know there will be protesters but is there any risk of danger? Riots? Mass shooting? Bombing? I'm probably being paranoid but you never know. I know once inside the arena it will be more safe. But outside in the parking lot a d waiting in the crowd line, is that safe?

Thank you in advance. :)



u honestly think a site filled with 90% liberals would be able to help u with this? i suggest reddit
Sent by coreyants,Sep 30, 2018
Yeah smart place to ask that. Lol
Sent by AshlynArehart,Sep 30, 2018

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