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  3. stayed up for 28 hours in a row
  4. can someone hang out with me
  5. What does it mean
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  8. im sleeping in shirts and underwear tonight
  9. me when britney
  10. the light is coming
  11. i havent been watching survivor
  12. how's everyone's thursday going?
  13. loves staying up till near 6am
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  15. i'm so sad
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  24. male on male gay sex is sexy as fuck
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  29. im so sad
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  32. Thoughts on Tengaged relationships?
  33. when you hate someone so much
  34. Happy National Coming Out Day to my fellow LGBT's!..
  35. This isn't goodbye. :)
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  37. Amazing Trump rally in Kansas tonight!
  38. can we get it down to white lvl
  39. Anyone else in Kansas
  40. Does anyone else pop their boner?

I just thought of something

Feb 4, 2018 by Obstreperous
I find is really ironic that most gays (including me, sadly, thanks stereotypes) don't really care for football or sports just in general. Like the one television event with semi-attractice hot sweaty men (all sports pretty much) and I don't even care to watch.

Meanwhile you have seemingly "straight" men who are OBSESSED with football/other sports and watch and obsess over these semi-attracive hot sweaty men all the time. Some going as far to make their own fantasy league, buy sports cards, etc.

It's just so funny, in an ironic type way, that as a gay guy, I don't care about semi-attracive hot sweaty men on TV whereas a majority of "straight" men do!

How does that make sense? Maybe all "straight" guys are actually secret gays... or bisexuals... or something.

EDIT: Football is literally watching other men play with balls for 3 hours. If that's not gay I don't know what is.


Maybe all "straight" guys are actually secret gays... or bisexuals... or something.

Sent by Sloth_Roman,Feb 4, 2018
i get u its a bit like TV Show too

like the gays seem to always love the females whereas the straights like the dudes

like on game of thrones it seems more gay men like daenerys and straight men jon
Sent by vansreborn,Feb 4, 2018
or they just like the sport lmao
Sent by Amanyaman,Feb 4, 2018
Um I find football the most un sexyist thing in the world I just love the game :p
Sent by Arizona_,Feb 4, 2018
they just like the sport.. lol
Sent by Akora,Feb 4, 2018
I'm gay and I was on the wrestling team for 4 years and although I don't follow any sports on TV I do enjoy watching the local Hockey Games down at the arena with friends. My Dad was never into watching sports so it just never became a thing for our household. I also play Tennis with other Gay guys nowadays. But I do like this fantasy of all straight guys secretly being One can dream.
Sent by onemanarmy,Feb 4, 2018
Maybe it's because we actually like the sport.....
Sent by AdamLovesEverything,Feb 4, 2018

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