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Ew the superbowl is tomorrow

Feb 4, 2018 by Obstreperous
Do I watch with my dad and pretend to be straight for 3 hours?

Or do I lock myself in my bedroom and pretend I'm sick.

This is such a hard decision, why do sports have to exist :(


"Do I watch with my dad and pretend to be straight for 3 hours?"

No. It's always cringe
Sent by Dmpwb45,Feb 4, 2018
Do all u wany. If you want to watch do it, if you dont want dont watch but you dont have to pretend nothing.. you are how you are.
Sent by masqui,Feb 4, 2018
Just say you'll watch it with friends, but go watch a movie instead and Google the result. 馃憤馃徑
Sent by Yoshitomi,Feb 4, 2018
brain injuries + OJ Simpson = Football

Tell your dad you are boycotting it because of recent studies. But if your parents are anything like mine I hope they don't shame you for choosing your own path.
Sent by Philip13,Feb 4, 2018

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