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Nunley's Nook

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Hello again Jan 23, 2018
Gimmie a name of someone with less than 3 gifts/clothes and I will gift them. Also say what I should gift them. Thanks!
Points: 56 7 comments
Hi Jan 10, 2018
Anyone want a gift or me to gift someone?
Points: 166 22 comments
mail me if Dec 27, 2015
you remember me and can tell me a good story of how I know you
Points: 14 1 comments
I like being D-list Oct 10, 2015
*lurks in shadows*
Points: 0 1 comments
I just bought a Wii U Mar 26, 2015
and got Smash 4 and Mario Kart! There goes my free time. :D
Points: 41 5 comments
Things that don't happen on Tengaged Nov 6, 2014
A top blog going to someone who random posts paragraphs of positivity about another Tengager.
Points: 45 1 comments