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Survivor- Favorites For Each Season

May 22, 2016 by Number1SurvivorFan
Borneo- Tie between Sue/Kelly
Australia- Jerri, Tina
Africa- T-Bird
Marquesas- Kathy
Thailand- Helen or Jan
Amazon- Heidi/Christy/Deena. Any of those 3. I can't pick.
All-Stars- Shii Ann
Vanuatu- Twila or Ami
Palau- Stephme or Katie or Caryn
Guatemala- Stephme
Panama- Cirie or Courtney Marit
Cook Islands- Um, idk, this season was boring af... Parvati 1.0, I guess.
Fiji- Lisi Linares XD OR Stacey < 3
China- Courtney Yates
Micronesia- Cirie, DUH!
Gabon- Sugar or Crystal or Randy
Tocantins- Taj and Debbie < 3
Samoa- Natalie White < 3
HvV- QUEEN SANDRA, Queen Parvati 3.0
Nicaragua- Holly and Fabio
RI- Francesca
South Pacific- Sophie
One World- Sabrina < 3
Philippines- Lisa Whelchel, Abi
Caramoan- Dawn Meehan
BvW- Monicangel, Cierangel
Cagayan- President Lacina, Kass, Trish, Morgan, J'Tia (the female cast of this season < 3)
SJDS- Missy, Jaclyn, Natalie A., Jon, Keith
Worlds Apart- Shirin, Carolyn
Cambodia- Abi, Wentworth, Ciera, Kass, Kimmi (the only reason I continued watching the season tbh)
Kaoh Rong- Aubry, Cydney, Julia, Alecia



Why did you not like Queens Jenn/Hali!?!? Also where is Brenda!?!? Why is Debbie the bully on this list! She bullied Queen Sierra, who should be on here with Erinn! Courtney should be fave of HvV with Sandra! Where is Michelle Yi for Fiji!?! Kelly Goldsmith should be with T-Bird! Where is Alicia Calaway on this list!? WHY IS A LAST PLACER YOUR FAVE FOR RI!?!? It had Stephanie "Robbed Goddess" Valencia and Queen Andrea Boehlke!!! I am disgusted by Monica being fave for BvW! Where's Katie Wesson!? Where's Christina Cha, Edna Ma, aka the Asian Queens! Why is Missy on here? Ew. WHERE'S QUEEN/HAG JANE FROM NICARAGUA!?!? Randy = Ew, check yourself. Where's Nick Maiorano, Anna Khait, Caleb Reynolds, Michele Fitzgerald, and Alecia Holden!? Alexis Jones/Maxwell are robbed off this disgusting list! Cook Islands was not boring and had the god known as Brad Virata! Um, where is Charlie Herschel for Gabon!? I DO NOT SEE ELIZA FOR VANUATU!?! WHAT!? Where's Ozzy for Micronesia?! WHERE IS JENNIFER LYON!?! Rip her kind-hearted soul! BOBBY-JON!?!? JAMIE!?!?! WHERE IS ARAS!? LJ, JEFRA, WHERE!?!?!?

This is shit, goodbye! Negged!
Sent by Dolphinz811,May 22, 2016
I disagree with just about all of it
Borneo- Greg/Coleen
Australia- Amber/Colby
Africa- Silas
Marquesas- Rob
Thailand- Robb
Amazon- Rob/Heidi 
Pearl Islands- Ryan
All-Stars- Rob/Amber
Vanuatu- Brady
Palau- Bobby Jon/ Stephanie
Guatemala- Bobby Jon/ Stephanie
Panama- Austin
Cook Islands- Adam/Candice
Fiji- Rocky
China- Frosti
Micronesia- Ozzy
Gabon- Marcus
Tocantins- Coach
Samoa- Mick
HvV- Rob/Stephanie/Candice
Nicaragua- Chase/Brenda (The only two I liked)
RI- Rob/Andrea
South Pacific- Ozzy/Mikayla
One World- Chelsie
Philippines- Malcom
Caramoan- Malcolm/Andrea
BvW- John/Candice
Cagayan- Spencer/Garett/Jefra
SJDS- Jon/Jaclyn
Worlds Apart- Rodney/Hali/Sierra
Cambodia- Spencer
Kaoh Rong- ANNA/Jason/Nick
Sent by RedWing91,Jul 5, 2016

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