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School: Day 2 EDGIC

Aug 13, 2019 by NotNicky333
Today was more chill, it was the first "learning" day for most of my classes, so it was pretty boring. Let's get into it though! :)

Period 1 - English: In English we started off by playing a name game where you threw a ball to someone and said their name. I was second to last and forgot about Andrea, so she never got to play, oops. Then we did a random partner activity and I got partnered with Carla. Carla and I had to ask each other questions then we picked a book we thought each other would like. Eventually I asked what's her favorite T.V. show and she said Big Brother. I was like :000 and I asked her about her favs and she said Tommy, Jessica and Analyse (she's mexican, so I'm assuming thats why she likes Analyse). Funny story, her friend Lily who's also in that class has a Z00p acount.. it was like crosscountryfan29 or something I can't remember. Anyway I will give myself UTR1 because I was sorta relevant, but didn't do anything of context.

Period 2 - Spanish: I apparently didn't get the memo, but we had homework... okay sis if you are gonna say the homework SAY IT IN ENGLISH. But she checked our table last and I was able to complete it (copy off of Hope) before she got to our table. We just started our unit, which is about family traditions. We watched a small video on a normal family and how they are unique in ways we don't think about. And the animated teen boy was cute and I was like wow he's hot then it immediately says in all caps next to him 'HOMOSEXUAL' and a bunch of spanish I could half understand. Also, I had to turn off and on the lights, so I'll give myself CPP3 (:

Period 3 - U.S. History: As I mentioned last time I have to travel a long ass way to this class, and I was like 3rd last today. Me and Carion asked (bullied) this new Canadian kid out of his seat so I could sit next to her. He took my old seat, and he's lucky cause he gets to see Carson all period!! Like half the class was wearing red (not me) and our teacher said that they shouldn't wear red because they will be communists and it was rlly funny. Anyway, we went over the would you rather's and one of the questions was "Group Date" or "Solo Date" (wasn't called solo date, but meant the same thing so we will go with it.) And this girl Cheyenne (fat and lesbian/trans idk which) is talking to her group and she's like well im not dating anyone now. When she says this it was quiet for a second and me, Carion and some other girl at our table started a laughing so loudly because it was ironic AF. Then the class started laughing and her table was confused and so was the teacher. After we started talking about morals and beleifs of ourselves and the US. I raised my hand and said I believed in karma, and then proceeded to say I was a good person. Some people gave me dirty looks, but that's okay. :) I will give myself CPN4 because I kinda caused some drama.

Period 4 - Gym: Again we did nothing. Carion and Hope from my other classes switched to this gym so that's exciting. All I did was talk to Roberto about the pros and cons of marrying a man (lol) and sang "Tell Me That You Love Me" (Victorious) to Lauren. UTR1!

Period 5 - Lunch: I quickly let Carion know this was her table and she will be kicking people out who are unwanted. She reluctantly followed and bye bye Madi! Won't miss you cunt. Anyway we just had lunch, but me and Maddy (from English) saw this freshmen sitting alone, so we invited him to our table and got to know him a little (also because Maddy is a peer helper and is supposed to help people with social/mental problems). He said he was new and he was slowly getting friends. We were talking about video games and he says he watches TWD98 (my fav youtuber ever...) and I was like :000. Anyway he is sitting there again next to me and Maddy tomorrow so that will be fun. Also Lauren and Kathrin got into a physical fight and the principal came over, but we blamed the noise on Staci tripping into the table (which was true) and he proceeded along. I will give myself MORP3 because I was nice! Also I saw BlueStar1367 during this period, we love a king.

Period 6 - Angebra 2 Accelerated: We learned a lot today, to which I was a top 8 participater I would say. I raised my hand 3 times :). I got closer to Noor from my table who is new to our school, but a sophomore. I thought she was a freshmen because after class yesterday she asked me where to go and I told her. She helped me get the notes on my iPad, and then I helped her. Teamwork baby. Anyways I made a comment and was like "y'all are freshmen, right?" Kamryn and Max answered yes, but Noor answered no which shook me sadly. I felt bad and kind of felt like I unintentionally insulted her. Oops. MORP3.

Period 7 - Physics: Our teacher is hot.. like it's wrong to say that but he is. Obviously I aint gonna do controversal shit but I had to say it okay! Anyway we got to know him more and now I know my type when I am an adult. We finished a day one cheesy lab we did and me and Leanna did all the work. Mexican male and white male did nothing but be annoying. I usually don't get annoyed by people, but these two can die THEY DONT DO SHIT. Anyway didn't really do anything but bitch to Nicole again about my table when we walked to 8th period (which got a look from Ethan, who doesn't sit at my table.) Ethan was walking infront of us. UTRN2.

Period 8 - Study Hall: I did my spanish homework, emailed my mom to give me money for a binder, and played interactive brantsteeles. INV!

Overall I would say I was UTRN2 today.. cool.

Monday: MORN3
Tuesday: UTRN2

PYN to be tagged I guess, although this is more just for me to look back on at the end of the school year.



Oh you seem like the bully in hs smh
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Aug 13, 2019
I'm nice! CrimsonEnnui
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 13, 2019
I raised my hand and said I believed in karma, and then proceeded to say I was a good person. Some people gave me dirty looks, but that's okay.
Sent by Mitchkid64,Aug 14, 2019
Sent by top20fan33,Aug 14, 2019

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