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School: Day 1 EDGIC

3rdAug 12, 2019 by NotNicky333
credit to mastropola for his the idea!!!! its chill

Yes.. I am doing one of these.. quick note before I start that I don't 100% understand how edgic works..? If I do something against the eDgIC rULeS pease let me know. Anyway let's begin...

Period 1 - English: Well in English there are 4 people in my friend group (Maddy, Julian, and Parth), so we all sat together accordingly. Me and Maddy were a bit loud cackling with each other and telling each other how we like the teacher. This is low level english (i cant be bothered with reading..), so I guess we will be reading for 10 minutes everyday in class. Me and Maddy picked the same book, "Butter." We usually hate reading, but this book is actually good, although I'm 12 pages through. The plot basically is will the 400 pound 16 year old kill himself... yes or no? I like it. Anyway, I'll give myself MORN3 because I was present, but not OTT like Michelle faking her name... I gave myself negative because one of the weird kids (who Julian warned me about) was giving me a look at the end of class, so I looked back at him and we made eye contact and he looked away. Check and mate.

Period 2 - Spanish: Spanish was interesting... I get to sit next to my friends Hope and Isabel. I had classes with both of them last year, so that's cool I guess. My spanish teacher is one of those language teachers who wants you to only speak Spanish, and only gives us directions in Spanish.. annoying. However, I don't think she caught onto my annoyance because I accidentally became the teacher's pet today! I had to pass the papers out, throw the marker in the garbage, AND go get tissues from the language office. No one else did anything, but I guess I'm fine with it. I'll give myself OTTP5 just because I was definitely the most OTT in that class. Debating if I should give myself an N because my tablemate Anthony made a slave comment and we cackled together.. but I'll stick with the P.

Period 3 - World History: I was the last one there! I wasn't even late I just travel a hella lot to get to that class. Basic day one class, however I was supposed to sit with my black friends Carion and Richard, but as I was the last one at class, there wasn't a seat. I had to sit with Carson (cute af we had spanish last year), Sasha, and another Nicholas (who happens to be gay as well!) However Carion and Richard will be saving me a seat tomorrow, so we are gucci. Didn't do much besides snark when the teacher said "a lot of u know each other it seems, hope there's no bad blood!" (I smirked to Carion and Richard knowing they just broke up after like 4 months of dating.) Also, we played "Would You Rather" at the end with our groups, and I was in a 3-1 minority on both topics we got to! Being I prefer Vanilla to Chocolate, and I prefer being loud to being quiet. Overall I would say I was UTR2.

Period 4 - Gym: You don't do shit in gym for the first 3 days of every term (a term is a 6 week period in my school.) We did a 5 minute presenation (where I told the annoying person to shh who was talking). Other than that I just talked to Lauren and Kathrin. INV!

Period 5 - Lunch: Lunch was kind of dramatic today. I quickly got fed up with my friends who order food and had to wait in the long ass lines! Anyway, once my friends came back there were about 20 of us at an 8 person table. Even worse, Madi was there... me and my friend Lauren (from gym) HATE Madi. We just don't vibe with her. Anyway Carion thought it would be a good idea to bring her here (revenge for Lauren brining her crush, Sam to the table last year.) Me and Lauren quickly left and walked around for a bit. We came back and picked up half the table, being Kathrin, Sahiti, Carion, Richard, Julian, Breana, and Tristin. We left Ellany, Nicole, Staci, Madi, Madi's Indian friend, Joseph, Joseph's friend, and Camille behind. We decided to form our own table. I'll say I was MORN3 because I was very negative to everyone, but didn't stand out like Lauren, Carion, or Madi did.

Period 6 - Algebra 2 AC: Algebra 2 is the normal class junior's take for math, and Algebra 2 AC (A2A) is the small level up. No where near the top class, that's Calc, Pre-Calc, Stats, and Algebra 2 AP. Anyway I mention this because A2A is a class that lines up with Juniors (me), and Freshmen. Long story short there are SIXTEEN freshmen in my class and 4 juniors (one senior for whatever reason). I haven't seen a single one of these people in my life before, so I decided to play a game with them all... I am pretending to be as straight as possible... my goal is to get a girl to ask me out (or have sexual interest in me) before the end of the school year in that class. I think I'm doing well, but we will see. Other than that, I failed at the paper folding game  we did. I'll give myself CP4 because I got to know my group well, despite them all being 2 years younger than me.

Period 7 - Physics: This class was a big yikes. We got the kid who bullied my friend last year into thinking he was gay (for me) for a good month (which admitedly is kind of funny). We have my friend Nicole who I love so much but we are both so obnoxious when we are with each other. Then we have my table... oh my table. I could already tell at least 2 of them were drug addicts. My point got proven when I asked one (as part of an icebreaker activity we were doing) what high school has taught him and he said how to get away from the cops. Our teacher said we will switch seats a lot, so I probably won't ask him to switch, but we'll see. Overall I will give myself UTRN1 because me and Nicole bitched about my table on our way to 8th period.

Period 8 - Study Hall: I also don't know anyone in this class. (Mind my school has 4,000+ students, and this is only a handful of 20 of them). I sat next to some semi decent hot guy and finished my Physics homework. The teacher is actually one of my bowling coaches, so that's cool. We got to talk for a bit which was fun. I just sat and played bowling on my iPad for 75% of the period though as I ate my Yoplait Yogurt. Pretty INV I will say.

I'll give myself a MORN3 edit for today.. we'll see how the rest of the week goes and I'll say how I am each week of school overall.

PYN to be tagged I guess, although this is more just for me to look back on at the end of the school year.


your school seems way too messy
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Aug 12, 2019
he's coming for your gig mastropola

tag me btw
Sent by Mitchkid64,Aug 12, 2019
LMAO i stan the INV4 for gym
Sent by top20fan33,Aug 12, 2019
also tag me!!!
Sent by top20fan33,Aug 12, 2019
im bald tag me
Sent by macken,Aug 12, 2019
tag me this is the most revolutionary thing ive ever seen
Sent by purplebb4,Aug 12, 2019
ok i know u said you dont know 100% how edgic works so i wont hit u over the head with this but most of the visibility #s you have would never go with the edgics you picked

for example OTT1 is not a thing, neither is INV4 (INV by default is a visibility of 0 so there's no number). UTR4 is not a thing either

CP2 and MORN1 aren't really possible within edgic parameters either tbh i can't recall a vis less than 3 being given to CP ever, and usually anything with a vis of 1 is UTR
Sent by obscurity,Aug 12, 2019
Thank you! obscurity I always thought the numbers meant how OTT or how CP you were on a scale of 1-5. I updated them to where I think they should all make sense now.
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 12, 2019
And what bowling app do u use wow
Sent by Christian_,Aug 12, 2019
Hook up with Carson
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Aug 12, 2019
Sent by Ribbons,Aug 12, 2019
Belmonte and the PBA sponsored one. Mostly Belmonte though. Christian_
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 12, 2019

That response was really OTTN1 of you buddy.
Sent by Pieguy555,Aug 12, 2019
pieguy555 if MOR3 had an entry in the dictionary it would say pieguy555 next to it
Sent by obscurity,Aug 12, 2019
you didn't even give me credit for originating this series thats so sad

tag me in the future though
Sent by mastropola,Aug 13, 2019
idk what ur talking bout mastropola :O
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 13, 2019
Your school sounds boring as shit.
Sent by chillum,Aug 13, 2019
this is so funny
Sent by Absol,Aug 13, 2019
The plot basically is will the 400 pound 16 year old absol kill himself... yes or no?
Sent by Admir,Aug 13, 2019
tag me

wow I wish there were that many gays in my school
Sent by Birks4444,Aug 13, 2019
The plot basically is will the 400 pound 16 year old kill himself... yes or no? I like it.
Sent by Flickgamecolin,Aug 13, 2019
Omg I LOVE the MBA bowling one it’s so much fun :3
Sent by Christian_,Aug 13, 2019
this school is literally more exciting than mines

i'm the one who literally CHATS out loud but is invisible to every teacher for some reason
Sent by SharonMaItems,Aug 13, 2019

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