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I Still Can't Believe I Won Stars Aug 12, 2018
Because of my popularity.  Can't believe you guys love me that much <3 This is such an emotional time for me <3
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I Was Victimized Aug 12, 2018
So my older sister is giving birth to her daughter next month, and my little sister who is 6 keeps asking questions about Jade (the name of my sister's daughter). So today she asked me "what am I going to be for Jade?" I'm a bit confused so I ask, "what do you mean?"  And she's like, "well mom is going to be her grandma. So what are you going to be?"  And I'm like, "oh I'm gonna be her aunt."  And she's like, "what?"  And I'm like, "I'm gonna be Jade's aunt  auntie Gabbie."  And she's like, "I'M JADE'S AUNT!!" And yelled at me so I've been a victim today. :/
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I Always Lose Aug 12, 2018
Track of time when I masturbate. How about you guys!
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PYN Aug 11, 2018
If I owe you a sign
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Go watch my vlog <3 Aug 11, 2018
For Stars xoxo
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We've both won now EliotWhi
Your turn next Jetsrock12 xoxo
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