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Tengaged Truth

Feb 5, 2012 by NoelSarah
So, what did it say about me?  Anyone save the text or get a screenshot?  I'm interested..


Hi Noelsarah
Sent by MickJagger,Feb 5, 2012
you on skype?
Sent by sjsoccer88,Feb 5, 2012
it said you were the best mod but you didn't care anymore
Sent by Sweet_susan,Feb 5, 2012
i didnt save it...i dont think it was that bad though i think the main thing it said is that like your not active on tengaged like playing games and shit...but IDK
Sent by DanieleD,Feb 5, 2012
It said this...

NoelSarah, a fierce redhead mode ready to shake the world up with her beauty. She werks her shit, shes one feisty muddafucka, and if you dare comment BS on her official stars blogs, shes happily ready to snatch yo' ass.
  Shes a dedicated charity runner, and thats why shes special.  < 3

Not a bad word my love, not one < 3
Sent by BrittanyTheChipette,Feb 5, 2012
-Don't care anymore
-Controlling, and meticulous
-nicest mod in T_mod responces
idk others
Sent by bigupboy,Feb 5, 2012

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