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11thNov 16, 2017 by NoChildSupport


Me :-)
Sent by Krisstea,Nov 16, 2017
Yeah please it's Christmas and I have no christmas designs LOL NoChildSupport
Sent by LoveLife,Nov 16, 2017
oh i want because i never saw snow and i like christmas :) also support mommaluv
Sent by FelipeS,Nov 16, 2017
Me because the only backgrounds I have are plain, and I will gift you back from my next shop :)
Sent by M_Davis1998,Nov 16, 2017
me because its in gagaluv's shop and she's a slayer of all things shop and design related
Sent by RoyalBlood,Nov 16, 2017
Awe you’re so sweet for gifting people out of the kindness of your heart ❤️
Sent by JustMe,Nov 16, 2017
oh and my reason is because, I love Christmas... the design is GORG, I want a winter background!! Ive gifted a ton of people and dont ask usually but I do join gift giveaways :-)
Sent by Krisstea,Nov 16, 2017
I am always good on my deals. Ask anyone I have gifted before

I gifted JourdanBabyXoXo for sponsoring me in hunger.
Sent by M_Davis1998,Nov 16, 2017
Gift justme because i took all the keys she should pick and i was a bad kid u.u
Sent by FelipeS,Nov 16, 2017
No I have tons of Christmas designs gift someone that doesn’t :) thank you tho felipes ❤️
Sent by JustMe,Nov 16, 2017
I love love love christmas sooo much and I feel left out with nothing to wear! Im like Megan of easter but Christmas and how can I do that without looking festive!
Sent by MisterPredaa,Nov 16, 2017
I only have one design and I love christmas. Hopefully you can support me so that I can spread the christmas joy!
Sent by Cryptspartan,Nov 16, 2017
Me because I want a holiday design I I want to build a custom avi
Sent by Lex13579,Nov 16, 2017
because i have one design and ive been dying for a background and i will support you in anything you do if you gift me
Sent by Moneybags1015,Nov 16, 2017
Or gift my sis Tiny54 because she only has one gift and is white level.... thanks
Sent by Lex13579,Nov 16, 2017
Me cause it looks so cute on your avi :)
Also cause you're supporting Gagaluv and I love Carolyn! <3
Sent by Jameslu,Nov 16, 2017
GIFT ME!!!!! because u were my first friend and we met around christmas and it would just be a full circle <33333 also because u knew me when i 0 designs and u never gifted me but gifted that fucking hag :(
Sent by titoburitto,Nov 16, 2017
sooo sweet ILY too!! Jameslu
Sent by gagaluv,Nov 16, 2017
I have been on this site for 5 years and I still do not have any background what so ever. Anyways I have multiple things that would go with it. As the holidays roll up it's about giving and you're doing just that.
Sent by mysterygame2,Nov 16, 2017
i have all the christmas designs from antlers to candycanes but I NEED the winter background to fit it all in :(( please gift me it xo Ill love u forever and always plus Ill wear it all season
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Nov 16, 2017
Me please, because I love Christmas and my avi has a present design for clothes and would be soooo cute with the back ground . But either way, if you are going to gift someone just because that's absolutely sweet and I hope good karma comes back on you 💜
Sent by shellbelle,Nov 16, 2017
me because I have no holiday designs what so ever for any  holiday
on the other hand
not me because you've gifted me before
butttttttttttt i so gotta know which reason you thought was the best lmao
you are such a nice person for this tho :)
Sent by Minniemax,Nov 16, 2017

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