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What Designs do we actually want to see?.

Jun 2, 2009 by Nixx
OK, so we get alot of blogs going on about a new design and auction and plus my design, etc etc..
Sort of thing alot now, and soo... i was thinking, why don't we give them ideas on what to make? Y'know, inspiration.
Because, i take the time and i do actually look at these blogs, and i do like the odd design, but alot of it i think is just a little bit.. miff?
So what designs/clothes/hair etc, etc..
would you like to see?
(i dont make these designs, i just thought it would be betetr for the designers, if they knew what we want. :P)
I'd personally like to see some more hair designs, but ones that look good when tried on, a cute one would be good. :P

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