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Jan 10, 2018 by NikoTime
So, as you all may know, I've been interested in playing stars for a very long time now.. however I have as much luck as a guy who fell out of a plane, been in a bus crash, train crash and had his car explode..

This has all happened to someone in real life.. I know.. hard to believe

Ironically, he went on to win the lottery.. :)

I will build my stars run on that one man.. that one man who has had so much unfortunate things happen to him, but he wouldn't die.. no.. fate had a plan for him.. and just like for him, fate will take me to the stars title. :)

I AM THE RIGHT STARS HOUSEMATE FOR: Low level voters, the younger generation of tengagers, the gays (of course) and pretty much every tengager who'd like to see a change in the stars cast rather than boring old washout cast members who are in stars, after stars, after stars..

Its my time this year.. my unfortunate events were losing both my parents last year and battling with depression on many occasions..

But this year, will be my lottery win.. this year, fate will have a plan for me..

Its NikoTime

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