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  1. Well, it's my birthday tommorrow
  2. Look
  3. My NikoMagnet seems to be super strong
  4. I'd kill him
  5. Check out my glasses
  6. Dodgy dealings
  7. What Niko says to those who just wanna drag him..
  8. The stars house needs a smoking area
  9. When you're flirting with a guy
  10. I worry for tengaged
  11. No.. what are you doing
  12. *shivers*
  13. Do crayons taste good?
  14. If you become a mod
  15. what the fuck have i let myself into
  16. He won an impersonation contest
  17. Unpopular opinion
  18. My parents will have something to say to you
  19. Omg
  20. I actually predicted it
  21. When im 35
  22. Rawr..
  23. It's true
  24. I eat, eat and eat
  25. Lookin at those negs
  26. You say there's little evidence of peeps
  27. Im only human, i make mistakes
  28. I get it, smoking kills
  29. Thats enough tengaged for one day
  30. Im ruling out getting back with THAT
  31. They split up
  32. CBBUK Finals Ideal Outcome
  33. *raises scottish flag*
  34. I had a weeks holiday in Spain last year
  35. Honestly
  36. What is your biggest regret on tengaged
  37. When a girl is convinced she'll turn me straight
  38. lawl
  40. Well, he just seems to ask for it

Gr.. im in an angry mood

Jan 4, 2018 by NikoTime
*slaps a picture of Thirteen on my wall*

*runs up to it and starts punching it and trying to stab it*



why would you stab paper bro
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jan 4, 2018
Memphis_Grizzlies Who said it was paper you daft cunt
Sent by NikoTime,Jan 4, 2018
why are you angry? what is wrong?
Sent by TaraG,Jan 4, 2018

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