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  1. eek
  2. He says hes gonna come to the UK and destroy me
  3. Stars support
  4. now that stars has filled
  5. Not tryna be funny but
  6. Who'd win the tg white house
  7. I always wear black..
  8. 69's are weird
  9. Fuck the UK law on buying/smoking cigs
  10. Anyone willing to help
  11. Hit meh with dem askssss boi
  12. I think its time to make amends with people
  13. If i did a late 300th game charity
  14. You actually think i'd be trolling?
  15. I recieved a message
  16. Me too
  17. Turner says he's big on TG
  18. Hunger or nah?
  19. I just written a very long song
  20. Sick of guys messing with my heart
  21. #Niko2018
  22. Add me on snapchat!
  23. ask meeeee
  24. when someone says you should stop smoking
  25. New blog pic
  26. wait what
  27. which tengager
  28. I'd beat the flying fuck
  29. any frats
  30. Ask me huns
  31. Gr.. im in an angry mood
  32. People die
  33. updated
  34. Late stars support
  35. PYN
  36. First year as a parentless teenager
  37. *when you're sick of the same people in stars,..
  38. I've got no one to go into 2018 withhh
  39. Havent done it for a bit
  40. I should change my name


6thJan 2, 2018 by NikoTime
And i'll tell you what i'd do if I saw you in a shop

rellizuraddixion Break down and cry and confess all my sins
Music Try my best to find your opinion on the stores music
CalebDaBoss I'd give a slight wave, and a lil smile
mickiejames22 I'll get away from ya, you're a stalker!
Thirteen Throw the nearest object at you
Arris Giggle and kinda slide you my sc
LivvieBoo12 I'd walk into you 'by accident' and then say sorry and do a cheeky giggle
Oliviaxoxo I'd help you out with some shopping
Paige5459 If you tried to stop a shoplifter but failed, i'd clothesline him right in the face in the Nikotime
Icarus_Mark I'd run over and give you a massive hug and thank you for the times you helped me
GoodKaren I'd buy cat food for you
malachite05 See if your shopping is straight enough
XxLoveWakizaxX I'd throw a cake at you
TaraG I'd run up to you and give you a hug!! And maybe sneak into your cart..
JackEdgeAKATheEdge I'd also hug you!
BrainJak I'd kinda give you a hug, then kinda back away awkwardly.
aria_grande I'd pretend you don't exist.
Birks4444 I'd ask you to get me some beer..
StarySky As you walk out the shop, i'd regret not hugging you!
CrystalNight98 I'd run and give you a hug!! Then i'd offer to hang out with ya to help me rate some cute guys.. hehe
skyler1822 I might just steal some milk from your cart..
dwipeouts I'd grab some shower gel, tip it all on the floor and then slide and tackle you!
BengalBoy I'd buy all the protein powder before you clear it from the shelves..


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Paige :P
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Me <3
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