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  1. I've had a real boyfriend
  2. Bravo
  3. Tbh
  4. Lollll
  5. i have him begging me to stop
  6. *laughs*
  7. Cuz he deleted my comment
  8. PYN for a god-damned opinion
  9. Lawl
  10. eek
  11. He says hes gonna come to the UK and destroy me
  12. Stars support
  13. now that stars has filled
  14. Not tryna be funny but
  15. Who'd win the tg white house
  16. I always wear black..
  17. 69's are weird
  18. Fuck the UK law on buying/smoking cigs
  19. Anyone willing to help
  20. Hit meh with dem askssss boi
  21. I think its time to make amends with people
  22. If i did a late 300th game charity
  23. You actually think i'd be trolling?
  24. I recieved a message
  25. Me too
  26. Turner says he's big on TG
  27. Hunger or nah?
  28. I just written a very long song
  29. Sick of guys messing with my heart
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  33. when someone says you should stop smoking
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  37. I'd beat the flying fuck
  38. any frats
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  40. Gr.. im in an angry mood

So this is how my day went

Dec 14, 2017 by NikoTime
Fucking awful..

Just found out today that some guy I liked was leading me on the whole time..

Like.. we kissed and stuff and he even said he liked me too.. now I feel like a mug for believing him and actually nearly falling in love with him..


I'm sorry to hear of that  :/  Don't worry though.  Your true love will come someday.  I hope things get better for you.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 14, 2017
Icarus_Mark Thanks dude.. I guess i'll be fine and i'll move on..

But man, my social awkwardness makes it difficult to get close to guys and its a long road back..
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 14, 2017
I'm so sorry that happened to you :/

You'll find someone better!
Sent by Paige5459,Dec 14, 2017
Paige5459 It's okay, thanks for commenting.. plenty more fish in the sea like they say
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 14, 2017
Find something positive that happened today and focus on that
Sent by Steven999,Dec 14, 2017
Steven999 Like.. nothing positive has happened so far.. so I find that hard to do.
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 14, 2017
Don’t feel bad about that asshole. Finding out that he’s fake now is better for you than finding out when things got serious. I mean, you’ll find the right person someday, just because you didn’t find him now doesn’t mean that he’s not out there. Just stay positive
Sent by Steven999,Dec 14, 2017
Steven999 Alright, thanks dude.
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 14, 2017
I love you my nikotime
(And i would never slap you!!!)
Sent by TaraG,Dec 14, 2017
TaraG I wuv you too!
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 14, 2017

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