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  1. I have never been fully active since
  2. Why do i have a blog pic
  3. Just what i think
  4. Its funny to see my biggest rival
  5. Hardly knew you but still
  6. lol bye
  7. meh
  8. When the offender attacks
  9. I might do the collage
  10. im tired
  11. realized what happened
  12. Why is Scooter
  13. I like a guy who's trans
  14. Love will fuck you up
  15. Oh look
  16. Evil thought of the day
  17. Well, a few days ago
  18. its good that you stay the hell away
  19. You're fucking beautiful
  20. 17 today
  21. Well, it's my birthday tommorrow
  22. Look
  23. My NikoMagnet seems to be super strong
  24. I'd kill him
  25. Check out my glasses
  26. Dodgy dealings
  27. What Niko says to those who just wanna drag him..
  28. The stars house needs a smoking area
  29. When you're flirting with a guy
  30. I worry for tengaged
  31. No.. what are you doing
  32. *shivers*
  33. Do crayons taste good?
  34. If you become a mod
  35. what the fuck have i let myself into
  36. He won an impersonation contest
  37. Unpopular opinion
  38. My parents will have something to say to you
  39. Omg
  40. I actually predicted it

People who betray my trust

Dec 13, 2017 by NikoTime
Do not deserve the gentle and kind side of me

Not only can you not keep it in your pants in front of your bro, you also can't keep it in your head



get help bitch
Sent by Allison,Dec 13, 2017
allison I can beat you up alone, thanks
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 13, 2017
with what fatty
Sent by Allison,Dec 13, 2017
Well, ever heard of fists?

And lol, here's this cunt calling me fatty

If only you knew hun
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 13, 2017
nikotime you sound like a fat person. Also, I'd have you exterminated so fast. so sit the fuck down
Sent by Allison,Dec 13, 2017
Lol, I'm an athlete, you daft cunt

And ohh, come at me, bitch, I ain't gonna back down to a typical whoresque fag like you allison
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 13, 2017
you will and prove it fatty
Sent by Allison,Dec 13, 2017
a little late but i’ve seen him hun. he’s the complete opposite of fat allison
Sent by lmaobrit2214,Dec 18, 2017

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