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  1. Brown!!
  2. I've had a real boyfriend
  3. Bravo
  4. Tbh
  5. Lollll
  6. i have him begging me to stop
  7. *laughs*
  8. Cuz he deleted my comment
  9. PYN for a god-damned opinion
  10. Lawl
  11. eek
  12. He says hes gonna come to the UK and destroy me
  13. Stars support
  14. now that stars has filled
  15. Not tryna be funny but
  16. Who'd win the tg white house
  17. I always wear black..
  18. 69's are weird
  19. Fuck the UK law on buying/smoking cigs
  20. Anyone willing to help
  21. Hit meh with dem askssss boi
  22. I think its time to make amends with people
  23. If i did a late 300th game charity
  24. You actually think i'd be trolling?
  25. I recieved a message
  26. Me too
  27. Turner says he's big on TG
  28. Hunger or nah?
  29. I just written a very long song
  30. Sick of guys messing with my heart
  31. #Niko2018
  32. Add me on snapchat!
  33. ask meeeee
  34. when someone says you should stop smoking
  35. New blog pic
  36. wait what
  37. which tengager
  38. I'd beat the flying fuck
  39. any frats
  40. Ask me huns

Spoiler alert

Dec 12, 2017 by NikoTime
I'll be in the top 3 of the scumbag list



cant wait to be up there with you
Sent by maturo,Dec 12, 2017
maturo We may dislike eachother for forever..

But the one thing that unites us, we wont stand for her shit. :)
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 12, 2017
It could be anyone to be honest.  Anywho, I hope you've been doing well.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 12, 2017
No the top 3 will be me, peace123, and Allison of course.
Sent by Paige5459,Dec 12, 2017
Paige5459 Trust me, ill be up there, we've had the longest history

Icarus_Mark No-one is safe from the homophobic death-wishing cunt that she is, hope you're okay too dude
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 12, 2017
Idk about you all but I’m taking the throne
Sent by Allison,Dec 12, 2017
Sent by noah_kondon,Dec 12, 2017
Allison You'll have to beat me to it, ya cunt
Sent by NikoTime,Dec 12, 2017

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