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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Name a BBUS/Survivor US contestant

Apr 18, 2021 by Nikk1Grahame
I’ll tell you if I’ve met them or not from my experiences with hearts of reality (and attach a photo of proof)

Janelle- Not Yet :(
Mark Jansen- Yes
Shelli- No
Nikki- No RIP :(
Jordan Lloyd- No

Abi Maria- Yes
Any Laura- No (putting in Survivor Category since there are more Laura’s there)

Left off at: mradamman12


Abi Maria
Sent by Galaxies,Apr 18, 2021
My bae
She asked me to karaoke night when I was 17
Celebration, Florida
Sent by lukesurvives,Apr 18, 2021
any Laura ever
Sent by sosyomomma,Apr 18, 2021
Mark Jansen
Sent by mradamman12,Apr 18, 2021
Shelli Poole
Sent by ManniBoi,Apr 18, 2021
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Apr 18, 2021
Jordan lloyd
Sent by BURBERRY,Apr 19, 2021
Tyler Crispen
Sent by Tester,Apr 19, 2021

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