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Live Feed Link? Jun 26, 2017
Also, it's been so many years since I paid close attention to a season of Big Brother I can't even remember how I used to get free live feeds in the past XD anyone have a live feed link they'd like to share with an old friend <33 (Emphasis on old...)
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LOL wait... Dec 3, 2016
Some kid posted a picture of her lady parts?
How old was she?!
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Thanks for the gift! Dec 1, 2016
Idk you but you seem pretty awesome!
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Get off Tengaged... Nov 8, 2016
You lifeless little bastards.
Pretend like you give a shit about the outside world and GO VOTE!
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My filter list. Aug 10, 2016
90% of these people just spam so fucking much I had to shut them up. I don't even warn people anymore, I just filter.
PortugalPauleta20                delete
beccajo16                delete
lindb                delete
BigBadBazil                delete
MC_Additis                delete
strict                delete
UntoldTruth                delete
smashHIT                delete
Lark                delete
BBTDFanatic77                delete
virgie88                delete
jacksonjoseph99                delete
GentlemanG                delete
Nouh                delete
legendary                delete
GoodAllan                delete
SkooterEYZ                delete
Cbowlay                delete
FrozenShadow09                delete
Galaxies                delete
Crickets                delete
Vlad21                delete
People I've filtered since posting this blog:
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List of stars winners. Aug 4, 2016
I can't remember what # stars I won... I know Lemon used to have the list on his profile but I can't remember the numbers after Lemons name.
If there's anyone left out there who still has any idea what I'm talking about your help is appreciated.
I"m super old now and my feeble woman mind has betrayed me.
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