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My Official CBBUS List

Jan 28, 2018 by NicoleF
Based on Julie/Robyn's leaked emojis

🎭 - Brody Jenner (It's masks which means theatre/TV...I had nothing tbh)
🗣 - Tiffany Pollard (She has a loud mouth)
🎤 - Ariana Grande (Singer with BB connections)
📺 - Johnny Bananas (mTV and its a TV)
🥧 - Jason Biggs (American Pie actor...its a pie)
🏀 - Lamar Odom (For the drama of him/Brody Jenner and he played basketball)
👑 - Queen Latifah (QUEEN Latifah and its a crown)
🥋 - Matt Iseman (He hosts American Ninja Warrior)
⏰ - Dennis Haskins (He was on Saved By The Bell, appeared in a photo with Paul/Robyn)
🌴 - Andrea Boehlke (Survivor = Palm Tree)
💼 - Bristol Palin (She was on DWTS and they need some political figure)



The first emoji is theatre. LOL

Some good predictions, though. :)
Sent by Loopspeare,Jan 28, 2018
lmao @ ariana grande
Sent by THEChanelOberlin,Jan 28, 2018
andrea confirmed she isnt in it
Sent by Mikasa,Jan 28, 2018
And brody
Sent by Mikasa,Jan 28, 2018
Loopspeare - I had nothing
THEChanelOberlin - A guy can pray/hope
Mikasa - Her instagram even has a palm tree so I bet she's lying
Sent by NicoleF,Jan 28, 2018
It’s Susie Meister not Bananas
Sent by Cornelia,Jan 28, 2018
omg if jason biggs is on there id die lol. i would prefer natasha lyonne from american pie tho
Sent by Padfoot,Jan 28, 2018
Sent by Lemjam6,Jan 28, 2018
Lowkey hoping the crown means paris hilton?? lmao
Sent by Jaxon,Jan 28, 2018

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